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Making Juice the Royally Fun Way
King of Juice is a quick game of skill and dexterity, aimed at casual gamers looking for an innovative, kinetic gaming experience. Thanks to the game’s use of motion-tracking technology, players are no longer tied to devices and controllers; instead, users’ hands are free to fly, flick, and flap through the air to control the events on the screen.

King of Juice Leap Motion game development

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Interactive game development case study

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Interactive game development case study

Interactive game development case study

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Technology Stack
The functional structure of King of Juice is designed to be used with Leap Motion, a hand-motion tracking device. Hand-motion tracking devices capture the player’s movements and convert it into data. This allowed our programmers to assign causality between movements in the real world and events in the game. The effect is impressive: as apples fall on the game screen, the player physically swings his hand – free of a device – and watches as the on-screen apple is swatted into a basket, in a manner congruent with real-world physics. In order not to alienate users without Leap Motion, we included a mobile version in which users perform the “swipe” gesture to direct the fruit.
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King of Juice is a prime example of how Game-Ace is innovating with new technologies to deliver unique gaming experiences for new target audiences. It’s casual and intuitive nature makes it easy for new users to pick up and play in various social settings, such as children’s parties or corporate break rooms. In particular, its blend of subtle skill for adults and wholesome fun for children makes it ideal for family gaming.

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