HTC Vive

What Is It?
HTC Vive brings the thrill of virtuality into a room-sized format. This is done using motion-tracking technology called “Lighthouses” to coordinate physical movements with in-game actions. This means that, unlike any other VR device on the market, users can explore virtual environments by walking, running, or even crawling. In addition to the added level of immersion, it grants developers new opportunities to design innovative and engaging games around these new possibilities.
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How HTC Vive Worked for Origami:

  • This dynamic, physically interactive runner was developed full-cycle for HTC Vive
  • The room-tracking technology means that in order to dodge virtual obstacles, the player must actually jump, side-step and duck in real-life
  • Thanks to HTC Vive’s support for Unity, we also released a mobile version at an affordable price
  • By drawing on the power offered through the connected PC, HTC Vive has the processing power to support the high-paced gameplay

Why Develop an HTC Vive Game?

It is the only VR device that tracks players movements in real-life, which allows players to physically navigate virtual worlds
HTC Vive comes with controllers that allow for precise tracking and agile manipulation of virtual elements
Features a 2160x1200 OLED display with a 90 HZ refresh rate and 110-degree field of vision
Front-facing cameras allows users to easily switch between seeing the real world and virtual world, without removing the device
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