Virtual Reality Development

What Is It?
Being a powerful combination of interactive, engaging, and visually appealing experience, virtual reality games bring 3D characters in life-size forms. VR technology spreads its wings to dominate the gaming industry with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Playstation VR, and Google Cardboard. As it is expected, the size of the VR gaming market will be worth $23 billion by the end of this decade: so, now is a perfect time to invest in VR games. Game-Ace helps players feel everything in reality, by designing virtual reality games of any complexity for any popular platform.
Why Do I Need It?
  • To use the time to market in a smart and cost-efficient way
  • To cooperate with specialists who will build a bridge between your game and VR technologies
  • To get players engaged in your gaming world
  • To ensure maximum ROI
  • To challenge your competitors in the market with a amazing new VR game
  • To reach a broader audience by giving them a totally immersive gaming experience
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The Game-Ace Team Will Get You Covered With:

VR game design

game art


of the VR game
across stores
of your game
to VR platforms

How Virtual Reality Game Development Worked for Origami Race:

  • A fully immersive gaming experience that is designed to emphasizeHTC Vive's capacities
  • A game crafted the way the user's movements are coupled to VR became the app store’s absolute hit with 25k impressions daily
  • An endless runner developed from scratch and adapted for many platforms developed completely in-house

With Virtual Reality Game Development I Win:

Successful penetration of VR gaming market
Opportunity to concentrate on marketing activities
Boost sales and increase revenue with VR games
Minimization of the development cost
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