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An interactive game that helps toddlers learn the alphabet

With each passing year, children are gravitating more and more towards electronic devices and gadgets to learn information about the world.
Hopster’s Alphabet Hotel is a game that aims to take advantage of this trend, providing a learning experience for toddlers on mobile devices. Featuring colorful animation and a simple interface, the game introduces small children to the letters and sounds of the alphabet in a fun and straightforward way.

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Technology Stack
The creation of Hopster’s Alphabet Hotel would not have been possible without an ambitious initiative from the popular TV startup Hopster, which is known for creating engaging interactive content for small children. Hopster’s initiative was focused on bringing the letters of the alphabet to life for kids, and helping them learn them in a fun yet educational way, but they needed the help of a company that would handle production of the process from A to Z. This is where Program-Ace came along. We were entrusted with the game’s development and release, and our team was soon hard at work creating the product of the 2 companies’ shared vision. Harnessing the power of the Unity game engine, our specialists succeeded in completing the game and making it available to thousands of Android and iOS devices all over the world.

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When the development of the Hopster’s Alphabet Hotel game was completed and the related application was released, it became quite a hit. Currently, it sits at a comfortable 100,000+ downloads on the Android Play market. However, the most important achievement of the game is perhaps not its download count, but how many children it helped in learning the alphabet. The colorful design and characters of the game were well-suited for the Hopster game roster, and the gameplay fun and easy to master. You are welcome to check out the game’s animation, sound, and gameplay for yourself by downloading the app or watching our demo clip.

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