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Prior to diving into the metaverse development, you should be wary of a high number of multifaceted pitfalls and concealed, implicit challenges that your company may encounter already throughout the first phases of project execution. Therefore, you may want to consider making use of our metaverse consulting services to be well-prepared for anything.

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In What Cases Do You Need Consulting?

If your business has reached a certain height in its digital transformation, you may want to consider building a metaverse to expand the scope and influence of your corporate activity on the internet. In this case, the best starting point is to get a consultation from industry-leading experts in developing metaverses. Game-Ace has spent its previous 17 years offering unique game-related digital solutions to clients worldwide, with metaverse development having recently become one of the primary vectors of growth for the studio. So we can freely share our knowledge!

How to Choose a Metaverse Consulting Company?

Choosing the right metaverse consulting partner will bring you one step closer from the idea to project realization. One of the most valuable aspects worthy of attention involves reviewing a potential candidate’s portfolio and trying to answer the question of whether they put their theoretical knowledge into practice. In the case of Game-Ace, you can be confident in its expertise because the studio continually works on various projects related to metaverse technology. If you opt for our services, you will acquire a unique opportunity to develop your own virtual world.

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Metaverse Consulting Services We Provide

Business Analysis & Market Research

Our industry experts can carry out an in-depth analysis of your business and conduct market research in order to provide you with objective insights regarding performance.

R&D-Based Strategy & Roadmapping

Game-Ace can help companies define their role in the metaverse and launch a virtual business after elaborating a clear strategy as well as roadmapping aimed at achieving this.

Tech Stack & Financial Modeling

Our metaverse consulting services involve providing assistance with financial modeling and finding the best tech stack that will facilitate the most optimal development.

Benefits of Сonsulting on Metaverse Games
with Game-Ace

After 17 years of professional activity on the global market, Game-Ace has accumulated multiple benefits for its clients, including:

  1. Metaverse technology know-how. Our development and consultation team has a clear vision of metaverse, virtual reality, DeFi, and NFT technologies to help you launch your first commercial virtual world project.
  2. Software engineering superiority. Game-Ace is capable of creating polished distributed systems with sustainable protocols, databases, and commutation, making our developers unparalleled in what they do.
  3. Experience in game development & design. The profound expertise and hands-on knowledge of game development principles allow our team to offer the best-in-class metaverse consultation services.
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