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The Protagonist: EX-1 — narrative turn-based tactical RPG game

Game-Ace and 3Mind Games teamed up to enhance the user interface of The Protagonist: EX-1, a tactical RPG that captivates with its rich, interactive gameplay. Our task was to refine UI/UX elements across combat, exploration, and hub areas using Unreal Engine 4. This involved crafting dynamic tooltips, adaptable control systems, and multifaceted data presentations, ensuring every player interaction was smooth and intuitive. The co-development aimed to improve the gaming experience by integrating these complex features into the game’s structure.

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Core Gameplay Mechanics

The Protagonist: EX-1 offers a dynamic gameplay experience with core mechanics emphasizing strategic combat and decision-making. Players navigate through turn-based encounters using a detailed initiative and action points system that allows precise control over character movements and abilities. The game incorporates a martial arts combat system, where players can customize skills and techniques for close-quarters engagement.

Key features include a dynamic dialogue system that influences the story based on player choices and a robust crafting system for enhancing gear and abilities. Integrating diverse gameplay elements ensures players a challenging and engaging experience, encouraging tactical thinking and creative problem-solving.

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Distinctive Features of The Protagonist Game

The Protagonist: EX-1 integrates tactical and RPG elements to deliver an engaging gameplay experience. Here are five distinctive features that highlight its core mechanics:

  1. Initiative and action points system. This framework allows players to exercise detailed control over their characters' actions in turn-based battles, fostering strategic depth and tactical decision-making.
  2. Martial arts combat system. The game features a customizable combat system where players can adapt their character's martial arts skills, enhancing tactical options in close-quarters engagements.
  3. Dynamic dialogue system. Player choices in dialogue influence the game's evolving narrative, leading to various pathways and potential endings, enriching the overall replay value.
  4. Crafting system. An extensive crafting feature enables players to create and enhance equipment and abilities, deepening engagement with the game's mechanics and progression.
  5. Character skill enhancement. Players can upgrade and personalize their character's abilities, allowing for a tailored gameplay experience that adjusts to individual play styles and strategies.


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Technology Stack

In this co-development project, Game-Ace’s technical contribution to The Protagonist: EX-1 was pivotal in shaping a robust gaming experience. Utilizing Unreal Engine 4, we implemented advanced UI elements and complex gameplay mechanics to ensure seamless integration with the game's rich narrative and tactical depth. Our team developed sophisticated localization tools, enabling extensive multi-language support to broaden the game's global reach.

Additionally, our expertise in 3D animation was essential for creating fluid character movements and realistic combat animations, especially with the help of Autodesk Maya. Through these technical integrations, we delivered a visually impressive and technically sound environment that complements the intricate gameplay mechanics of The Protagonist: EX-1.

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The collaboration on The Protagonist: EX-1 yielded outstanding results that significantly enhanced the gaming experience. Here are five key achievements by Game-Ace in this project:

  1. We improved the game's user interface, making it more intuitive and responsive.
  2. Our advanced localization tools supported multiple languages, making the game accessible.
  3. The detailed 3D animations we developed added depth to character movements and combat.
  4. Using Unreal Engine 4, we ensured that all technical implementations were solid, supporting complex mechanics.
  5. Iintegrating a dynamic dialogue system, we enabled the narrative to evolve based on player choices.
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