Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development Services

What Is a Metaverse NFT Marketplace?

Simply put, a metaverse NFT marketplace is a virtual site where users are able to buy or sell digital items in the form of non-fungible tokens. In other words, you can build a metaverse with a wide range of services. As a result, your visitors may accumulate particular digital wealth that can be sold on specific in-build NFT marketplaces without leaving your realm. Such an approach to building a business-oriented metaverse allows its owners to ensure an all-stop shop for users taking advantage of their virtual world.

How to Choose a Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development Company?

To cherry-pick a company offering one-of-a-kind metaverse NFT marketplace development services, you should pay attention to the discovery phase for your future potential product and research the market. But why do so if you have already found all you need? The Game-Ace team has been practicing its development powers during the last 17 years of corporate activity, so your project will be treated in the best way possible. With our talented NFT marketplace developers and metaverse experts, you will never need to worry about the technical side of your product.

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Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development Services
We Provide

NFT Wallet Integration

Our capable NFT and blockchain developers will quickly integrate a crypto wallet into your marketplace or metaverse to ensure the best buying/selling experience for your customers.

Smart Contract Development

We can develop smart contracts for your metaverse NFT marketplace to function correctly and verify valid actions on a blockchain to execute transactions.

Virtual Land Creation

Professional 3D artists at Game-Ace can design and create astonishing environments for your metaverse, so its users can buy, sell, or even build their own virtual real estate.

NFT Storage Systems

Developers on our team can build high-quality NFT storage solutions for your metaverse NFT marketplace development, including IPFS as well as Filecoin storage systems.

In-Game Assets

Our metaverse builders and artists are able to create a vast number of interactive in-game assets for your users to get an immersive experience engaging with your product.

3D Visual Support

We utilize all our 3D modeling powers in order to provide your metaverse NFT marketplace with the best-in-class visual support that will facilitate a user-friendly experience.

Benefits of Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development
with Game-Ace

Opting for Game-Ace’s metaverse NFT marketplace development services, you automatically gain access to a wide range of benefits:

  1. Expert NFT developers. Our team consists of talented and experienced developers who know the ropes in blockchain, metaverse, NFT, as well as many other technologies essential for your business aspirations.
  2. Transparent development process. Game-Ace always adheres to crystal-clear communication principles that facilitate transparent cooperation aimed at delivering exclusively premium content for your product.
  3. Superb security. In addition to transparent teamwork and uninterrupted correspondence with each client, we also guarantee comprehensive cybersecurity since our developers utilize only state-of-the-art protocols as well as technologies.
  4. On-time project delivery. We value your time and effort, so our team always finalizes every project within a previously established and approved time frame so you can plan your further activities associated with the delivered product.
  5. User-friendly interface designs. Our qualified designers elaborate on every UI element with unparalleled scrutiny to ensure that your end users will have the best experience possible while taking advantage of the final product.
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Our Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development Process

Creating UI Elements

Knowing that UI is responsible for the first impression of users who visit your marketplace, our designers elaborate on the menu, crafting a user-friendly, feature-rich interface for your platform.

Coding Smart Contracts

In order to ensure the correct functionality of your NFT marketplace’s back end and proper transaction processing, our programmers develop entirely automated smart contracts.

Setting up IPFS and DB

In this phase, our metaverse NFT marketplace development company adjusts IPFS and DB where all your users’ information regarding their NFTs needs to be stored, so we ensure its security.

Integrating the Back End

Once we set up IPFS and DB, as well as develop the functionality of smart contracts, our coders start working on the back end of your metaverse NFT marketplace to power up the system.

Integrating the Front End

Upon the completion of the back-end process, the Game-Ace team integrates your metaverse NFT marketplace’s back end with the front end for your product to become entirely functional.

Auditing Smart Contracts

Finally, your metaverse NFT marketplace is exposed to a sequential workflow to make sure it is utterly smart contract audited to prevent its system from all types of invasive attacks.

Game-Ace is proud of 17 years of professional operation on the international market, with hundreds of gaming, metaverse, and NFT projects already delivered to clients. With our time-proven expertise, you can reach the most ambitious business goals within a reasonable time frame and budget.

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