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What Do You Need For VR Game Development?

Immersive technologies continue to evolve, so you should be ready to seize the opportunity and leverage it with a reliable VR game development company. What you need is a desire to cooperate and search for an experienced partner. The recipe is as simple as that. Luckily, at least the latter ingredient is already in your pocket because you have just found Game-Ace. We have been developing games for 17 years, leaving behind satisfied clients with successful games. After all, virtual reality is part of our core expertise. The rest of the formula is up to you.

How To Choose VR Game Developers?

Choosing virtual reality game developers is a responsible challenge to accept, so be sure to equip yourself with all of your experience and, of course, patience. But we are here to help and make your life easier. Instead of surfing the net for days searching for the best VR game developer, you can relax and start cooperating with us because we already have everything set up for you. Our team is equipped with all the high-end software and hardware necessary to build a well-optimized as well as captivating virtual reality game that contributes to your business strategy.

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VR Game Development Services We Provide

Full-Cycle VR Game Development

Our VR game developers can do real magic with your product. You get unparalleled results by leveraging our virtual reality game development to the fullest.

VR Mobile Game Development

Game-Ace is here to provide you with high-performing VR mobile games on iOS, Android, or any other mobile platform of your choice, broadening your target audience.

Web VR Game Development

Our virtual reality game development company has prepared everything to turn static web pages into interactive and immersive experiences for your players.

Content for VR Games

As experienced and professional enthusiasts who truly cherish what they do, we can produce any kind of graphics and animation for your virtual reality game.

VR Integration & Deployment

We can not only develop a first-class VR game for you but also integrate a good deal of related technologies to improve the player experience and the game’s functionality.

VR Support & Maintenance

With our VR game development services, you obtain a high-quality, functional product along with long-term support and maintenance as a bonus whenever needed.

Benefits of Creating VR Games
with Game-Ace

Our VR game development outsourcing company continually evolves to be able to offer only top-tier services and benefits for our clients without a drop in quality:

  1. Uninterrupted personal development. Our employees always keep their fingers on the pulse and test their expertise to make sure their skills are at the peak of performance.
  2. Cross-platform VR game creation. Game-Ace houses a team of certified and qualified developers who can develop virtual reality games for any platform.
  3. Best-in-class pipelines. We adhere to the most effective development practices, using them for our own ends and for the good of creating immersive player experiences.
  4. On-time delivery. Every VR game developer at our studio values the time spent on a project, so they dedicate great effort to making it polished within stipulated time frames.
  5. Stable communication. Our company always maintains clear communication with each client, keeping them updated on their project’s progress and each implemented feature.
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Our Process of VR Game Development Outsourcing

Introductory Discussion

As soon as you get in touch with our team, we start stipulating all the details of our future cooperation and planning each step in order to minimize any risks related to developing your VR game.

References & GDD

When every single aspect of your upcoming project is discussed, our artists produce 2D/3D concept artworks while developers and game designers elaborate on a precise game design document (GDD).

Assets Production

All the concept art being composed and analyzed, we begin to work on 3D models of characters, environments, and the rest, integrating the assets into a game engine discussed during the interview.

Development & Execution

In this stage, our developers and game designers write scripts to enliven all the static objects as well as levels integrated into a game engine during the previous phase.

Quality Assurance

At Game-Ace, we always put maximum effort into ensuring that your virtual reality game is bug-free, its system is entirely secure, and it is fun to play even for the most demanding audiences.

Release & Support

Once your VR game undergoes numerous tests and is considered ready, we discuss our next steps with the client, providing them with all the files as well as consulting on any release-related issues.

Our VR game studio has already delivered many VR games that make both clients and their players happier. Thanks to 17 years of professional operation and accumulated experience, we have had enough time to refine all the pipelines and skills, finding our golden mean in VR game development.

How Game-Ace Developed
Star Archer VR

  • Having gathered all our experience, we created Star Archer VR, a game built on Unreal Engine 4 where players take on an archer’s role, fighting hordes of massive evil birds. Made for Oculus Quest 1 and 2, this game serves as an argument that we can develop stunning VR games.
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