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Skyscraper — action shooter prototype by Game-Ace

The game prototype called Skyscraper is a demo version of a third-person action horror shooter game with high-quality graphics. It unfolds the mythical story around the ruins of the Tower of Babel, the most remarkable edifice erected by humanity in the ancient past, lying at the base of a colossal Skyscraper. When the story takes place in the year 2135, the building already serves as a symbol of the latest achievements of human civilization, yet haunted by evil creatures.

Skyscraper game logo

Core Gameplay Mechanics

As a third-person shooter, Skyscraper requires the player to focus on enemies, active gameplay, and attention-grasping puzzles. On their way up the Tower, players will be guided by the signs that will appear in different places of locations and keys that will be found during the journey through the floors of the colossal Skyscraper building. Although the primary weapon is still a good old weapon, a Beretta-90, Uzi, HK MP5, or any other, the player can also make use of exceptional abilities acquired with ancient artifacts they find from one floor to another.

In addition to aggressive creatures and sectarians inhabiting the Skyscraper after an inexplicable event that mixed up reality and mythical things in total chaos, there are also not less dangerous events. Around the Skyscraper will appear the Acts of Divine Intervention in the form of tsunami, earthquakes, floods, swaying chambers, crashing floors, and the rest of natural phenomena. A genuine adventurer, the Hero must find the Staff of Hammurabi and get out alive.

Skyscraper left img

Distinctive Features Of The Skyscraper Game

The Game-Ace team has put a lot effort into Skyscraper, elaborating on the following features:

  1. Captivating backstory that drives the plot based on ancient legends.
  2. A wide range of enemy types, including looters, Secret Society members, people affected by an ancient curse, mercenaries, etc.
  3. Intricate design of characters and environment using custom model creation, from humans and mythical creatures to complicated static and animated objects.
  4. Well-balanced and realistic weapon properties.
  5. Diverse gameplay aspects, such as magic artifacts, that add more fun to the shooting mechanic.
  6. Elaborate level design based on changeable structure through the game passing.
  7. Fighting with different creatures that have unexpectable skills.
  8. The horrific atmosphere of an ancient temple set inside a giant skyscraper.

Game Characters

Zombie security guard game character Sky kraken game character Skyscraper game characters 3 Skyscraper game character 4

Game Environments

Skyscraper game environments 1
Iskyscraper game environments 3
Skyscraper game environments 4


Game weapons 2 Beretta game weapons Game weapons 3 Firearm game weapons

Game Props

Skyscraper game props 4
Lamassu lion statue game props
Egyptian themed game props
Skyscraper game props img
Skyscraper game props 1
Game props skyscraper
Skyscraper game props 5
Skyscraper game props 2
Grenade gaming props
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  • Spl 2
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Technology Stack

Skyscraper is a prototype of a game created on Unreal Engine for PC. Our team of game and level designers, 2D/3D Artists, developers, UI/UX designers, and QA specialists aimed to develop an inspiring product for gamers worldwide. Game-Ace leveraged the full potential of Unreal Engine and its supported programming language, C++, in order to ensure the best action and horror game experience.

Having armed ourselves with the game engine itself, 3D editing software, integrated development environment, game design document (GDD), and other tools, our team has managed to craft a unique, custom-tailored game for the client. As for the player’s side, they will experience an ancient horror lurking in the shadows of the Skyscraper.

Egyptian shield and sword background


As the result of this project, what the Game-Ace team achieved involves:

  1. The gameplay is fast-paced and featuring horror vibes.
  2. The story serves as the driver of progress.
  3. The prototype of the Skyscraper game is fully optimized for the PC platform.
  4. High-poly 3D models of props and enemies were turned into levels inside Unreal Engine.
  5. The complex weapon system was thoroughly calculated and implemented.
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