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Not only can the Game-Ace studio ensure full-cycle game development for you, but also we are able to provide you with game art design of any style, be it for a slot, mobile, console, or any other game genre. You can rely on our artists, who can quickly produce as many game assets as you need without sacrificing quality.

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What Do You Need For Game Art Outsourcing?

Game art design services help businesses lay the foundation for future game development procedures if they either do not have their in-house resources or aim to optimize them. In such cases, outsourcing game art proves the most optimal way to achieve high business goals, retain control over a project, and end up with a well-polished product. How is that possible, you may ask? The recipe is sufficiently straightforward. We utilize all our powers and experience to create stunning game art while you stay at the helm. What you need is just a desire to cooperate.

How To Choose a Game Art Studio?

Each game art studio is unique and provides a particular range of services. Finding the one that fits your project can become a real brain-twister if anything goes wrong. You can use a helpful shortcut and address Game-Ace directly without any intermediaries. Our game art outsourcing services may come in handy, inasmuch as we already have all you need — from capable and talented 2D/3D artists to any possible hardware available on the market. However, what does matter is the result, not the means. With us, you will end up with premium game art.

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Game Art Design Services We Provide

2D & 3D Game Art

Game-Ace can provide various dedicated experts, including 2D and 3D artists, managers, as well as other team members, or we can offer only particular specialists.

Game Art Animation

Our extensive game art services include the option of invigorating any static objects, characters, and environments — whether two- or three-dimensional.

UI/UX Game Design

Providing art design services for games already throughout 17 years of professional operation has taught us that amazing UX comes with user-friendly interfaces.

Concept Art for Games

Our game design outsourcing potential implies producing not only game-ready 2D/3D assets but also artistic references for developers, designers, and 3D modelers.

2D/3D Game Characters

Artists housed at Game-Ace are capable of creating custom game art that encompasses highly detailed characters for various styles, from cartoon-like to cinematographic.

Game Environments

Game-Ace has professionally crafted thousands of magnificent landscapes of different styles, allowing us to say we can do the same for your game.

Benefits of Outsourcing Game Art with Game-Ace

Our 3D game art outsourcing studio can cover any development and art production needs you face, so you can certainly trust your project to us, at least because of the following benefits:

  1. Full-cycle art creation. The Game-Ace team takes advantage of exclusively top-notch workflows and art production practices to ensure that your game art is captivating beyond comparison.
  2. Timely project delivery. We work equally with 3D and 2D game art outsourcing, prioritizing not only high-end quality but also the timely task execution by each team member involved in your project to deliver it within the deadline.
  3. Client-oriented approach. Since we put people first, our managers maintain uninterrupted communication with clients individually, making sure all the processes are per request and bringing the delivery closer with each step.
  4. Unparalleled experience. 17 years of creating polished art and design for video games has enabled us to elaborate on a unique approach that helps us ensure equal quality of game art throughout all product life cycles.
  5. A high percentage of senior artists. With a considerable number of highly experienced and skilled artists working at our studio, we are confident about the result of our 2D or 3D concept art game outsourcing services — from static to animated assets.
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Our Process of Game Art Outsourcing

Gaining Project Insight

During the initial phase, our art director, managers, and other team members discuss all the details and goals of the project with the client, planning every further step beforehand.

Collecting References

Once all fundamental aspects of the project are discussed and planned, our artists gather the necessary materials as well as references to keep the artistic example in mind.

Production Planning

The art team does not stop at discussing project requirements and collecting references because all the preparations come to an end only when the art production roadmap is finished.

Coming Up with Drafts

In order to maintain transparent communication with clients, our artists always start with producing drafts to ensure that their initial artistic vision resonates with the project requirements.

Working on Key Art

During this stage, our art team produces original artworks that match the predefined concepts as well as references and are entirely approved by the client whom they regularly contact.

Polishing & Delivery

As soon as everything is approved and the client is satisfied with the work being done, we polish the result, adding details mixed with a unique artistic touch to every delivered piece of art.

Our game art outsourcing studio is ready to take on projects of any complexity because we are confident in the competence of our artists. You can entrust your game art project to us and get quality results within a reasonable time frame since our managers pay careful attention to communication.

Our Outsourcing Game Art Portfolio

  • Game-Ace has been practicing game art services for 17 years, resulting in an extensive collection of artworks produced in a broad array of styles or genres. Our art portfolio encompasses enthralling landscapes, fascinating futuristic cities, humanoid and monster characters, props, as well as other pieces of 2D/3D game art for various platforms.
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Outsourcing game art can be a great way to reduce the time and resources required to create high-quality game art. By working with an experienced game art outsourcing company, you can take advantage of their expertise and resources to speed up the process as well as create better quality art faster. Some potential benefits of working with an outsourcing company include:

  • Reduced time and resources required. Partnering with an experienced game art outsourcing company, you can cut down on the time and resources needed to craft top-notch game art that your audience deserves. This can save you a lot of time and money, allowing you to focus on more valuable business aspects.

  • Improved quality. If you address an experienced game art outsourcing company, you can ensure that your game art is of the highest quality, inasmuch as your partner has already walked down this path a hundred times. Their experience and resources will help you produce artwork that meets your expectations and the standards of your target audience.

  • Easier task management. Outsourcing game art can help you keep track of all the different stages of the project, from concept to final product. This makes it easier to manage the project and ensure a consistent quality level across all the artwork.

  • Greater consistency. With a consistent artist working on your project, you can be assured that the artwork will be of high quality and consistent with your expectations as well as project requirements.

  • Fewer risks. Including a professional artist on your team, you eliminate the risk of botched projects or severe mistakes that could compromise the project or brand identity because every team member you hire or augment your in-house forces with is a time-proven expert.

If you are looking for an experienced game art outsourcing company that can help you speed up the process and produce stunning game art, look no further than Art Station gallery. We have years of experience in the industry, and our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with top-notch service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

Not only can our game art design company create assets for your product, but also we are proficient in developing it from concept to release. Speaking about the art styles our team members are masters at, we are ready to work in any genre or atmosphere, but most often we produce artwork for 2D or 3D mobile, VR/AR/MR, console, and PC games. Quite frequently we deal with art for slots, casual, VR or PC shooter games, RPGs, and real-type strategies.

At any rate, our artists are comfortable working with all kinds of art, in every genre, and meant for any gaming platform. If you need photorealistic characters, environments, and props for your next console FPS, the Game-Ace team is well-prepared for such aspiring projects. We have plenty of experience working inside top-notch 3D modeling and editing tools, so you can be confident that each model by our artists is pixel-perfect, matching the required polycount.

Game-Ace has a wealth of experience working with a variety of game art styles, including but not limited to 2D and 3D graphics, character design, environment art, and sound design. We are experts in creating high-quality art that meets the specific needs of our clients, whether it’s for promotional materials or in-game content.

In particular, Game-Ace has a strong expertise in the following game art styles:

  • 2D cartoon-style artwork;
  • both high-poly realistic and low-poly 3D art;
  • fantasy and sci-fi style illustrations;
  • historical and retro art;
  • sport and action style design.

Let’s have a more in-depth understanding of some art directions we are particularly good at:

  1. 2D art. We have years of experience creating striking and eye-catching 2D artwork, perfect for games such as platformers, RPGs, and adventure games. Our artists are skilled in creating complex layouts and character designs, as well as realistic environments and landscapes.

  2. 3D Art. Having been modeling and animating 3D objects since 2005, we can create high-quality 3D assets that can be used for anything from character portraits to complete levels or entire games. Our artists are extremely good at creating realistic textures and detailed surroundings, let alone complex 3D physics systems.

  3. Character graphics. Not only do we have experience creating 3D models and textures, but we also know how to create attractive and realistic character graphics. Our artists draw realistic faces, body proportions, and clothing designs, ensuring that your characters look like they belong in the game world.

  4. VFX & sound. We understand the importance of visual effects and their sounds in a game. That’s why our team is skilled in creating both simple VFX files and complete sound effects for your games.

Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing top-notch imagery that will help promote your game to the world. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you reach your gaming goals.

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