Game Art Design

What Is It?

Creating the art assets for a game is surely one of the most important and time-consuming stages of the game production process. Blending industry competency and artistic excellence, we deliver game art to our clients as a part of full-cycle development or as separately to the project in progress. Our team embellishes your game with high-quality graphics and well-modeled 3D elements to attract and keep the audience in the gaming world.

Why Do I Need It?

  • To attract player’s attention before they experience the gameplay with characters and illustrations
  • To define the game atmosphere and make it interesting
  • To help players interact with game elements that are smoother with intrinsic UI
  • To make the game visually-appealing to players
  • To increase ROI
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The Game-Ace Team Will Get You Covered With:

Concept Art
drawings, mockups, and sketches of the future game elements
previsualization of a motion picture, animation, or motion graphic
Game Characters
humans, humanlike creatures, fantasy creatures, animals, toys, etc.
landscapes, terrains, backgrounds, scenes, and other environments
UI Design
icons, menus, buttons, screens, levels,
and other UI elements
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How Game Art Design Worked for Miivies Oy:

  • Miivies Oy had the ability to concentrate on game promotion after allocating game art design to Game-Ace
  • Flawlessly-designed MMO has attracted more than 10K users in the first week after release
  • Positive user’s feedbacks on the art component of the game
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With Game Art Design I Win:

High-quality content and assets for the game project
Full range of services from game concept and storyboarding to rigging and skinning
A visual value to the game
Beautiful art in any style - vector, raster, cartoon, digital art, photo-realistic, matte painting, etc.
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