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Game porting services allow you to optimize your app to ensure the best performance on devices that have not been taken into consideration during the development process. Game-Ace can skillfully port your game to another platform, optimizing the code, game assets, and any aspects of your product for it to fit the target device without any challenges.

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What Do You Need for Game Porting?

Whenever you wish to port your game and optimize it for another platform, everything begins with adapting the source code. Depending on the initial game engine, this process can become either lightning fast or incredibly exhausting. Fortunately, the Game-Ace team has already polished its skills in multiple porting projects. From optimizing the GPU/CPU performance to adapting game assets, we have done this numerous times, so we know all the workflows by heart. We can port your game to any platform! What you need is just a desire to start cooperating.

How to Choose a Game Porting Company?

Choosing the right porting company is a challenging task to take on. You should review each candidate’s portfolio, arrange an interview, and make hard decisions. However, Game-Ace has been successfully operating in the industry for 17 years to be able to help you out not only with game development but also with porting to another platform. Therefore, why continue to search if you have already found your partner? Our multifaceted porting specialists can optimize the source code, while artists will adapt all the game assets to a condition required by the desired platform.

Struggling to find reliable game porting services? We can help.
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Game Porting Services We Provide

Porting Games to a Different Platform

Game-Ace is proficient in ensuring the full cycle of porting your game from one platform to another, whether from PC to Android/iOS or vice versa, optimizing the source code.

Porting Games to a Different Technology

Knowing back to front the industry-leading solutions, our development team specializes in porting games to various technologies like Unity or Unreal based on clients’ needs.

End-to-End Game Porting Support

Our game porting services extend themselves to adapt to your project requirements, so we offer porting maintenance and support in order to make your product more advanced.

Benefits of Porting Games
with Game-Ace

Choosing our game porting services, you gain access to a broad spectrum of benefits, the most significant among which are:

  1. Smart team composition. Game-Ace comprises enough professional developers who are good not only at porting but also at optimizing game assets, VFX, audio design, frame rate, and performance as well as QA specialists to fix all the bugs.
  2. Keeping gameplay highlights. Prior to commencing the porting work itself, we carry out an in-depth analysis of all the gameplay features and architecture in order to save the core of your game while optimizing its system for a new platform.
  3. Transparent communication. Since our team heavily relies on transparency and crystal-clear management, you can confidently expect a timely project delivery, high-quality results, continual feedback review, and long-term partnership.
  4. Compliance support. Game-Ace always double-checks even minor changes in the compliance of the most widespread gaming platforms like Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and the like in order to ensure 100% game compatibility.
  5. Cost-effective partnership. Due to an efficient strategic approach to production and porting, our team can complete the same amount of work for your game project for fewer financial resources invested compared to in-house development.
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Our Porting Games Process


At first, we conduct the initial interview and discuss all the project requirements before elaborating on a porting plan that would satisfy your ambitions, at the same time preparing the work to be done.


In this stage, we analyze the plan being concocted and start reviewing a game that needs to be ported to a different platform so that the optimization process would be flawless.

Pre-Alpha Phase

Having reviewed a game engine from which your product is to be ported, we write the final report, conduct the basic porting of platform-dependent features, and work with a functioning launcher.

Alpha / Beta Phase

Upon the completion of this phase, the result of the work our QA specialists do encompasses a game that is comfortably played on a new platform, is free of major bugs, and ready for beta testing.

Submission / Release

When our QA experts finish their work, you end up with an entirely optimized game having an optimal size, is deprived of bugs, and features all the original mechanics allowed by the target platform.


By the time your game reaches the market, you already have all the source code, software development documentation, and other tools employed to finish the porting of your game.

With our game porting services, you will become the owner of a fully playable, mechanic-rich, and quality product optimized for a new gaming platform of your preference. Experienced QA specialists at Game-Ace continually monitor the new requirements for various platforms, so their fingers are always on the pulse of the industry.

How Game Porting Worked for King of Juice:

  • Originally developed for Leap Motion, King of Juice ended up as a mobile game and was successfully ported to iOS and Android with enhanced game functionality as well as performance. Specifically, developers at Game-Ace had replaced the motion tracking gestures with finger swipes on smartphones and tablets, which, in turn, helped the product owner target new audiences.
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Porting a video game refers to the process of adapting a game from one platform to another. It can be a complex and time-consuming task, depending on various factors such as the game's complexity, the platforms involved, the target market, and the resources available. So, what factors should you be aware of when estimating how long it may take to port your video game?

  1. Complexity of the game. The more complex your game is, the more time it may take to port. A simple 2D game may take less time than an intricate 3D game with advanced graphics and physics engines. Moreover, a game with a lot of features and mechanics may require additional time for testing as well as optimization.

  2. Target platform. The platform to which your game is being ported is a critical factor in determining the time needed for porting. If an app is being ported to a platform with similar architecture and capabilities, it may take less time than porting to a completely different platform. Porting from a console to a mobile device, for example, would require significant changes to the user interface and controls, which could take longer to implement.

  3. Resources. The availability of resources such as skilled developers, tools, and documentation can also impact the porting timeline. If there are limited resources available, it may take longer to complete the porting process.

  4. Target market. The target market for your ported game can also affect the timeline. If we port your game to a new region or market, additional localization efforts may be needed to ensure the game is appropriate for that market. In particular, this can add to the overall time required for porting.

  5. Development process. No doubt, the development process used by the team working on the port can impact the timeline. Flexible development methodologies help streamline the process by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable chunks, helping identify issues early on and ensuring the porting process stays on track.

In general, porting a game can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the abovementioned factors. Here is a rough estimate of the time needed to port a game:

  • Simple 2D game: 1-2 weeks. Porting a simple 2D game to a new platform can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the size of a team working on it, a game’s complexity, and the level of optimization required.

  • Complex 3D game: 3-6 months. When it comes to porting a complex 3D game to a new platform, your team may need from 6 months to 2 years. Again, these numbers will highly depend on your team composition, project’s intricacy, as well as the target platform's hardware and software limitations.

  • Porting to a similar platform: 1-2 months. If your goal is to port a game to a similar platform, such as from PC to Mac or from Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S, this project can take about 2-8 weeks. In addition to the abovementioned factors affecting the time frame, you can also take into account the level of optimization needed.

  • Porting to a different platform: 3-6 months. Porting a game to a completely different platform, like from PC to mobile or from PlayStation to Nintendo Switch, can take from 6 months to 2 years.

It is worth noting that these estimates are just guidelines, and the actual time needed for porting can vary widely. The key is to plan the porting process carefully and allocate sufficient time as well as resources to make sure the final product is of high quality and meets the target market's needs. For this purpose, we highly suggest addressing the Game-Ace team to get a professional consultation and help us visualize your goals more effectively.

To help you make a conscious decision, you are welcome to learn slightly more about what we offer. We are a game development company that delivers cost-efficient game porting services to help businesses adapt their games to different platforms. With a team of proficient developers, Game-Ace provides end-to-end porting solutions, including code analysis, optimization, and testing, to guarantee that your game runs smoothly on any target platform.

By leveraging the most delinquent technologies and tools, Game-Ace can streamline your porting process and reduce costs while maintaining high quality. Besides, our team can work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your specific porting needs and budget. All in all, Game-Ace's expertise and commitment to delivering cost-efficient solutions make us a perfect partner for businesses looking to port their games.

Game porting is a complex process that involves adapting a game from one platform to another. To get started with game porting, there are several key resources that you will need to have in place, including:

  • Access to your game's source code. The source code implies the underlying code that makes up the game and allows it to run on its original platform. Modifying the game for a new platform will only be possible with access to the source code.

  • Solid understanding of the target platform. This aspect encompasses technical specifications, capabilities, and limitations. Without a thorough knowledge of the target platform, you may encounter issues during the porting process that could impact the quality of your final product.

  • Development tools. You will need access to a variety of development tools to modify the game's source code and assets, including a code editor, debugger, graphics editor, and other specialized tools.

  • Testing resources. Testing your game is crucial to ensure it runs smoothly on the target platform. You will need access to testing resources, such as hardware and software testing environments, to identify as well as fix game performance and functionality issues.

  • A trained team of developers. You will need a team of skilled developers experienced in game development and the target platform. They will be responsible for managing the porting process from start to finish and ensuring that the final product meets your needs and expectations.

Depending on the project's scope, you may need to work with a game development outsourcing company like Game-Ace that specializes in porting. By leveraging our strengths effectively, you can successfully port a game from one platform to another and reach a wider audience. Whether you are porting a game for commercial or personal reasons, planning and preparing for the process can help ensure a successful outcome.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced team to handle your game porting needs, Game-Ace is an excellent option. We have been operating in the game development industry since 2005, so our team has the knowledge and expertise to port your game to a new platform successfully.

Game-Ace offers a range of services to help you with every aspect of the porting process, including source code analysis, platform-specific optimizations and testing, as well as debugging. We take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to bring you a game that runs smoothly and performs well on the target platform. With our assistance, you can rest assured that your game will be ported cost-efficiently without sacrificing quality.

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