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Haiku – cybersecurity training game

Game-Ace collaborated with the Haiku development team to craft an immersive cybersecurity training game. Designed to enlighten users about online security essentials, Haiku blends education with interactive gameplay. With a focus on enhancing user experience, Game-Ace's developers revamped the interface, optimized loading times, and introduced seamless in-game notifications. This project showcases the fusion of gaming and education, aiming to elevate cybersecurity awareness engagingly.

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Core Gameplay Mechanics

In the heart of Haiku's cybersecurity training game lie its core gameplay mechanics, meticulously designed to offer both education and engagement. Players navigate a virtual environment that mirrors real-world online scenarios, challenging them to identify and counteract potential security threats. The game's intuitive user interface, a testament to Game-Ace's expertise, ensures players can focus on the learning experience without unnecessary distractions.

One standout feature is the Load Scene, which has been refactored for swift and smooth transitions, keeping players immersed. The Popup Manager introduces timely in-game notifications and pop-ups, guiding players through tasks and offering feedback on their decisions. These mechanics are complemented by an in-game web browser, allowing players to access cybersecurity resources, further bridging the gap between gameplay and real-world application.

Furthermore, tools like state-saving and network snapshots enable players to save their progress, ensuring continuity in their learning journey. Every element of Haiku's gameplay mechanics is geared toward making cybersecurity concepts accessible, interactive, and memorable for its users.

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Distinctive Features of the Haiku Game

Haiku distinguishes itself in educational gaming with its unique cybersecurity training and interactive gameplay blend. Our dedicated team at Game-Ace played a pivotal role in shaping this experience, focusing on the following areas:

  1. User interface enhancement. Our adept developers revamped Haiku's interface, making it more intuitive and user-centric, ensuring players can easily navigate and absorb cybersecurity lessons.
  2. Load scene optimization. The team meticulously refactored the Load Scene, significantly reducing load times and ensuring a smoother gameplay transition, enhancing user engagement.
  3. Popup manager integration. We introduced the Popup Manager, a feature that seamlessly integrates pop-ups and notifications, enriching the interactive learning experience within the game.
  4. Technical refinement. Our developers bolstered Haiku's technical backbone, ensuring stability, swift performance, and a crash-free environment, thus elevating the overall user experience.
  5. Comprehensive project collaboration. Despite the multifaceted nature of Haiku's development, our team collaborated effectively, ensuring the game's vision was realized to its fullest potential, making it a standout in our portfolio.

Game Screenshots

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Haiku's technical foundation is a testament to the seamless integration of gaming and education. Built using the Unity game engine, it leverages the power of C# programming to deliver a responsive and immersive experience. Game-Ace's expertise ensured the game's UI components were crafted precisely, utilizing Unity's robust capabilities. Additionally, the game communicates with servers through RESTful APIs, providing real-time data retrieval without lag or unnecessary data transfers.

This setup enhances gameplay and ensures that cybersecurity resources are always up-to-date. Furthermore, the team's implementation of custom tools, like the state-saving feature, showcases the depth of technical integration, allowing users to resume their learning journey effortlessly. Haiku proves that technical excellence can drive educational innovation.


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Our team achieved remarkable outcomes for the Haiku project, showcasing the following pivotal accomplishments:

  1. Addressed and resolved numerous issues, ensuring a seamless and crash-free user experience.
  2. Optimized the Load Scene feature, resulting in faster game loads and enhanced performance.
  3. Strengthened the game's technical backbone, guaranteeing stability and swift responsiveness.
  4. Skillfully managed the multifaceted development process, ensuring all features were integrated cohesively.
  5. Demonstrated profound proficiency with the Unity game engine and its associated tools.
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