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Christian Journet
German developer of individual and original game program concepts
Christian journet garlic games
Christian Journet
Garlic Games
We have been working with a team from Program-Ace for the last few months and I can only say that we were very pleased with the results achieved. Even with few specifications, almost perfect models were built that were very detailed. Also, despite the difficult circumstances in Ukraine, the Program-Ace team integrated extremely well and we never had the feeling of "external" service providers during our daily stand-up calls throughout the production period. We will be working with Program-Ace again in the coming weeks and we are looking forward to it.
Hamburg bigpoint-back
German game developer that operates browser-based and social network games with over 200 million registered user.
Stuart Lewis-Smith
A company famous for its social casino games and online gambling tournaments
GSN Games: client testimonials
Stuart Lewis-Smith
Senior Vice President and General Manager,
GSN Games
GSN is completely satisfied with Game-Ace's technical expertise and the quality of services they provide. Our fruitful and beneficial partnership has already resulted in several prominent mobile gaming apps. We look forward to collaborating with Game-Ace again for more slot games as well as pursuing new ventures together.
Minsk - Photography
An international game developer and publisher
namco bg
A Japanese-based video game developer and publisher
A creative technology firm that creates gaming experiences for a range of businesses
Bakery Agency: client testimonials
COO/Managing Partner
The Bakery Agency
Game-Ace has been our integral partner in getting the client a quality educational game. The client was very happy with the game and said that “they couldn’t believe the game looked so good.” I would definitely do business with Game-Ace again and hope that we can continue our relationship after the conclusion of the project that we are working on together.
An American game developer and publisher that creates products for consoles, mobiles, and PCs
ValueSoft: client testimonials
Vice President THQ Inc.
Game-Ace's hardworking, talented team has incorporated highly original and creative solutions into the final design, helping my game to stand out from the rest. I have seen all aspects of the team's impressive reputation reflect in my particular project. Working with Game-Ace has been an enjoyable process, and the results have been most rewarding.
kuju bg
An international video game developer
Erkki Heilakka
A game publisher with extensive experience in 3D and app marketing
Miivies Oy: client testimonials
Erkki Heilakka
CEO & Co-founder
Miivies Oy
The Game-Ace team has world-class technical skills in game development, but their astonishing creativity and talent is what allows for delivering solutions to meet the customers' expectations. I highly recommend this amazing team.
A production studio that provides interactive TV and learning application for preschoolers
Ryan Courtier
Senior Producer
Game-Ace was a pleasure to work with throughout the development process. Even on our first project together, we were able to quickly establish a strong working relationship from inception to release on our first mobile game and deliver on a quality that the Hopster team are proud of today. I would highly recommend Game-Ace to another games studio.
A marketing platform for video game promotion
Visual Thunder Media: client testimonials
Visual Thunder Media
Game-Ace has delivered excellent quality 3D modeling work for us on budget and on time. As a demanding client with precision expectations, I am pleased that they rise to the bareach time we challenge them. If you're looking for a professional, dedicated, game development partner, I highly recommend Game-Ace.
An independent studio involved in AAA game development
Dark Vale Games: client testimonials
Vice President
Dark Vale Games
The game developers at Game-Ace are really looking out to make us happy and make sure our experience with them is a good one. I think that's unique compared to the companies' mentality that's usually out there.
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