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What do you need to create an nft game?

At the very least, you will need an idea. You should also consider the role of NFTs in the game. Perhaps they will be generated by the game or offered for sale through the in-app marketplace. You may even choose to give players the option to create digital assets themselves in-game and mint them. To bring it all to life, you will need the usual grab-bag of specialists needed for game art and development as well as technical experts that will facilitate NFT creation, payments, blockchain integration, etc. If you don’t have such experts on hand, partnering with an NFT game development company like Game-Ace can certainly help.

How NFT game development company helps

Our NFT game studio has everything you need to build a comprehensive NFT game from start to finish. From the art side, we have a large team of professional 2D and 3D artists, who will gladly create any game assets (models, UI, background art, etc.) and visual assets for NFTs in the style and level of detail you prefer. We also have plenty of great developers that work with Unity, Unreal, and other software to build optimized software for your game. And naturally, our NFT game development services also include integration of user-friendly blockchain features.

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NFT Game Development Services We Provide

Full-Cycle NFT Game Development

We build world-class crypto-friendly games for various genres and platforms so that your product is functional across most devices.

2D/3D NFT Art Content Creation

We craft a diverse set of visual assets, like avatars, unique inventory, trading cards, props as well as provide animation services.

NFT Marketplace Development

Our team builds custom-made marketplaces for games where users can freely buy/sell or trade NFTs, which maximizes the value for end-users.

NFT Gaming Platform Development

The Game-Ace team has everything set up to build a functional and high-end NFT gaming platform for you, so it is all systems go.

Blockchain Game Development

Our developers create games according cutting-edge token standards (BEP-2, BEP-20, ERC-20) and offer multi-wallet (Metamask, TrustWallet) support.

Integration Services for NFT Games

All integrations are optimized for fast and efficient blockchain transactions on any NFT gaming platform that we develop.

Benefits of Creating an NFT Game
with Game-Ace

Developing NFT games, our studio will cover all of your programming and art/animation needs, while offering a slew of strong and unprecedented benefits:

  1. Solid track record. We have been developing first-rate games for nearly 20 years, and we have a wonderful team that creates games and assets for PC, consoles, web, mobile, VR and other platforms under one roof.
  2. Gifted Team. Our team includes a broad range of specialists – game designers, Unity/Unreal game developers, 2D/3D artists, QA engineers, PMs, NFT game developers, and blockchain experts. It allows us to tackle projects that are technically challenging or have a large scope.
  3. Experience in NFT development. We will gladly create and launch NFTs in your game, following your preferred technical guidelines and maintaining full transparency throughout the design, integration, and minting process.
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Benefits nft game development

We expertly develop NFT Games
of any genre

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Our Process of NFT Game Creation

Initial Discussion

We establish the scope of the work, game plan, and workflow, and adjust it until both sides are in agreement.

GDD & Concept Work

Our team works on game design document (GDD) and creates sketches, concept art, storyboards.

Content Creation

Our artists get to work on 2D/3D game content, including NFT asset creation.

Coding & Integration

At this point, our developers create the game mechanics and code, also taking care to implement necessary crypto integrations.

Game Testing

Our QA team test the game throughout the whole development process from the start to release.


After thorough polishing, the completed game is delivered to you and you can begin extracting value from your NFT game.

Our NFT game company will be proud to deliver a game that will push your business to new levels of success and profit. Users will be chomping at the bit to take advantage of the stunning NFTs it offers, and should have smooth sailing as they navigate the useful functions. These non-fungible token game services are delivered with a high level of quality and responsiveness. This means we will work closely with you and heed your feedback and suggestions to make a product that not only matches your expectations, but also exceeds them.

Nomadland — Insight into
How Game-Ace Built an NFT Game

  • As an NFT game development company, Game-Ace covered the front- and back-end aspects of the Nomadland game. Our team elaborated on the UI/UX, animation, 3D art, and game mechanics, having also built the token economy. Technical specialists from Game-Ace integrated blockchain and developed the system to amalgamate all the units into a final product.
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