Hyper-Casual Game Development

Hyper-casual games are incredibly popular thanks to their straightforward gameplay and intuitive mechanics. You can build such a product to entertain your audience even more, reaching new business heights because this initiative may prove incredibly lucrative, given the right approach. With Game-Ace, the process will be smoother.

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Hyper-casual games are notable for several key characteristics – simple design and game mechanics, quick gameplay sessions, and easy difficulty. It is also common for these games to be lightweight, intuitive, and fast to start. Game-Ace has the experience necessary to hyper-casual game development that will instantly appeal to a wide range of users and engage them in quick play sessions.


One of the best things about hyper-casual games is their appeal to a general audience. Instead of targeting a certain niche, they are accessible and interesting to everyone. Furthermore, most such games let the user jump into gameplay quickly, practically instantly. At this point, the dynamic nature of the game keeps them engaged for a long time. Finally, we cannot discuss the strengths of hyper-casual games without mentioning that they provide a fun experience where players can achieve positive results quickly and with minimal effort.

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Why Choose Game-Ace to Develop Hyper-Casual Games

Publishers, game-oriented investors, studios in need of a game development services – we are ready to serve as a reliable partner to all. Through our services, we will help you reduce costs, customize the product, and grow your business. We offer a range of additional advantages:

  • Fast game prototyping of core mechanic in the minimum 24h time frame.
  • A sizable team of certified specialists with successful projects under their belt.
  • Flexibility in handling different stages and aspects of development.
  • Proven experience in work with publishers and game creation studios.
  • Dedicated Team with full volume of Game Designer, Artists, Developers, QA and Product Manager.
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