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Rome Slots brings the exhilarating highs of the casino floor to mobile devices, computers,
and tablets everywhere. In doing so, it showcases Game-Ace’s expertise in working with clients
to realize their projects in a visually attractive and technically sharp manner.

Rome slot development project icon

Concept art for custom slot development

Concept art for custom slot development

Concept art for custom slot development

Rome Slots
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Technology Stack
Rome Slots was developed using Cocos2d-JS, a leading program for cross-platform solutions, in order to guarantee a smooth-running, web-based application. Our team chose this path in order to make the game available for the widest range of users. We used our proprietary PHP-based game server to support usage by users from around the world. Our art team worked through the full cycle — from research and concept art to slot design and animations — to provide the attractive “face” of the game.
As more and more people interested in playing casinos turn away from physical slot machines and towards online variants, the popularity of games such as Rome Slots will continue to rise. Rome Slots is a prime example of a high-quality product in the casino world which helps to drive more engaged users to the industry and deliver entertaining experience.

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