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Finding a reliable and experienced Web3 game development company is a challenging task. Here, at Game-Ace, we provide top-level Web3 game development services, having an expert team of developers and designers on board and leveraging next-gen technologies. So feel free to address us and start extracting value from our cooperation!

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Web3 Game Development Services We Provide

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Full-Cycle Web3 Game Development

Game-Ace is a full-cycle Web3 game developer that can build your product from scratch and lead the project to release within an established time frame for your players to enjoy the gameplay as soon as possible.

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Web3 Game Consulting

If you have an astonishing game idea and need assistance to give shape to it, our Web3 game development services may prove helpful. The Game-Ace team feels passionate about bringing your concepts to life.

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2D/3D Art & Animation

Our passionate 2D and 3D artists are capable of doing real magic tricks when it comes to producing premium-quality game assets or animating them for your future Web3 game, which will make your product vivid.

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Game Design

Just like artists, game designers at our Web3 game development company will craft an attention-grabbing story, hilarious gameplay mechanics, and other crucial features that give an exclusive touch to your app.

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Web3 Game Testing

QA and QC specialists at Game-Ace employ world-class standards and apply the most advanced methods to run their tests smoothly as well as quickly identify any flaws or bugs, fixing all the issues right away.

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Web3 Game Porting

Do you know that your game can be ported from a Web2 to a Web3 platform, allowing you to make more profit from the app? Our Web3 game development company can help you reach this height without much hassle.

Why Do You Need Web3 Game Development?

Web3 is the new iteration of the internet, so this major shift will undoubtedly entail alterations in all areas of digital transformation, the gaming industry included. That is why you may want to consider building a Web3 game in order to not only keep pace with time but also push your business forward, becoming ahead of the global market. Our Web3 game development services may come in handy, so you can contact us to unlock 100% of your concealed corporate potential. With a Web3 game custom-tailored for your business need, you will already be one step forward, waiting for others to join you in the race of internet iterations. Powered by blockchain, metaverse, and other high-end technologies, your Web3 game is about to conquer the target audience.

How to Choose Web3 Game Developers?

Even if you are already prepared for the Web3 digital transformation, you will undoubtedly need assistance from professionals that have been making games and releasing them for the last 17 years. Putting our expertise to good use will help you achieve your highest goals without risking it all. Game-Ace can develop any kind of Web3 games, with integrated blockchain and NFTs, a vast open-world environment, appealing visuals, round characters, as well as any other features you can imagine. Your ideas — our implementation. Game-Ace offers fine-tuned outsourcing and outstaffing services that will help you receive a high-class Web3 game to supply the continually increasing demand of your audience. Just reach out to us and discuss your project!

Our Web3 game development company will guide your project to success
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Benefits of Creating Web3 Games
with Game-Ace

Driven by enthusiasm and a desire to help others realize their ideas, Game-Ace offers a broad array of benefits for your Web3 game projects:

  1. Innovative tech stack. Our Web3 game developers refer to state-of-the-art technologies, both hardware and software, in order to bring the result your project deserves. With our innovative tech stack, your product will undergo never-before-seen improvements.
  2. On-time game delivery. Game-Ace always adheres to the principles of timely project delivery no matter the circumstances, being perfectly aware of how precious time is when it comes to enhancing business performance with the help of a newly released Web3 game.
  3. Support across all development stages. Our team provides assistance and support throughout each product life cycle as well as the development stage. We maintain uninterrupted communication, always being concerned with the challenges you may encounter while managing your project.
  4. AR and VR specialists. Knowing by heart how Web3 is going to affect the gaming industry, our AR and VR experts cannot wait to squeeze the maximum value out of the technology’s potential to ensure the most functional, smooth, as well as next-gen gaming experience for your target audience.
  5. Quality assured. QA specialists at our Web3 game development company follow rigorous and reliable methodologies to reassure that your product is deprived of bugs or critical errors, which can often make the gameplay experience worse than your project can deliver, given the right approach to quality assurance.
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Our Process of Web3 Game Creation


Prior to starting to develop your Web3 game, our team always conducts market research, reviews your competitors, and elaborates on a rough yet step-by-step plan that outlines each movement of our specialists, making all workflows transparent.

Planning Timelines

In this phase, Game-Ace discusses timelines, receives all the necessary approvals to continue the project execution, and begins to work on a more precise plan that will shed even more light on what we do, in what case, as well as why.

Game Development

Now it is time to code core gameplay mechanics, write scripts, integrate blockchain, and build the overall system under the hood of your future Web3 game. This phase also marks the beginning of art asset production to make your world alive.

Game Testing

Once all the game assets are integrated into the game engine and scripts are written, the game must function as expected, but the QA phase is a must anyway. So our specialists run multiple test types in order to polish your Web3 game.


When the entire system is working fine, the game runs smoothly, and there are no glitches, bugs, or other critical issues, we help you release your Web3 game on the platform you want your product to appear on, guiding your every action.

Support and Maintenance

Even after the release, we collect feedback from players who have already tried your Web3 game, checking out all the issues and launching updates that are to make the gameplay smoother, bug-free, as well as more optimized.

Our Web3 game development company has been providing value for clients already for 17 years, which allows us to remain highly productive no matter the circumstances.
We treasure our relationships with partners and are always loyal to the agreed cooperation conditions, making us an excellent fit for your Web3 game project.

Nomadland - NFT-based RPG by Game-Ace

  • In Nomadland, an NFT turn-based strategy, players navigate an expansive world, purchasing land, constructing farms, and battling formidable monsters. Utilizing Unreal Engine 4, it seamlessly integrates NFTs, enabling players to capture enemies, craft gear, and trade assets, all while enjoying immersive gameplay.
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First there was the first iteration of the internet — Web1, a digital world of static websites based on HTML. Then came Web2, the internet of things, interactive web pages decorated using the powers of JavaScript, and platforms owned by large-scale corporations. So, what is the next step forward? Web3 is the next internet iteration and a huge deal in the IT world, inasmuch as it will provide players/users with more benefits than ever before. Everything — thanks to decentralization.

In turn, Web3 is the concept of using the internet in the near future, given the active development and implementation of blockchain-based technologies. Experts claim that this new online network should be devoid of the negative effects that the development of Web2 has led to, that is, it will allow people to fully own and manage the content they create, as well as anonymize their personal data, making the internet more secure.

Web3 applications (often referred to as dApps) are built on top of a blockchain, so-called decentralized networks, which are numerous peer-to-peer nodes that connect computers. These computers belong to network participants, among which there can be both service developers, ordinary users of the service, and participants who have nothing to do with using the service at all.

The gaming industry shifts to the Web3 paradigm not without a reason. Blockchain technology is here to stay, so game developers are trying their best to take advantage of the most up-to-date innovations. Decentralization, along with cryptocurrencies and NFTs, will undoubtedly revolutionize the gaming industry, bringing forth the play-to-earn model, which, by the way, stands on the pillars of making a profit from playing entertainment apps based on a blockchain.

In brief, here are other reasons why everyone shifts to Web 3.0?

  1. Accessibility & transparency. It’s no secret that Web3 gaming is built on top of a distributed system. In other words, your game won’t rely on a single server, which is often the case with traditional, centralized apps. In contrast, dApps (decentralized apps) are dependent on blockchain technology, so that your Web3 game will be easily accessible and transparent without depending on a particular server.

  2. Personalized gaming experience. Incentives and rewarding systems are often what makes up the bulk of Web3 games. In the play-to-earn system, gamers have the opportunity to make money as they enjoy the gameplay. Moreover, NFTs allow to get and transfer the ownership of digital assets, which maximizes personalization.

  3. Democratic industry. Decentralization opens new prospects for democratic societies appearing on the internet because the web won’t already belong to a small percentage of corporations that can do with the player/user data whatever they wish to.

As you can see, there are multiple benefits of shifting to Web3. Your games will only win from integrating blockchain and NFTs, thereby becoming decentralized.

Among all the benefits that Web3 provides to gamers, worthy of special attention, is the GameFi philosophy. Consisting of two words — “game” and “finance,” this concept holds the same meaning as the play-to-earn model. In other words, the ability to have more control over digital game assets and be able to acquire, buy, or sell them account for the primary advantages of Web3 gaming.

Personalizing experience is another crucial factor that adds more value to the gameplay. Players will be able to create their own avatars resembling themselves, which helps them perceive your Web3 game in a more personal way, thereby spending more time in it. Furthermore, whenever they win battles or finish quests, they earn NFTs, which can be sold for cryptocurrency on the in-built marketplace. All these aspects enrich your product, making it more flexible and scalable.

In addition, Web3 gaming allows players to gain profit from playing video games, also making the gameplay more secure thanks to decentralized distributed ledgers. With the help of blockchain technology, your Web3 game will be interoperable and secure to play from any corner of the world. Given the opportunity for users to generate revenue as they play your game, we can also speak about enhanced user experience because it gives them more motivation to access your product.

What are the other benefits of Web3 gaming? Let’s sum up.

  1. Proof-of-ownership & interoperability. Using blockchain and NFTs enables players to exchange in-game goods without any trouble or someone’s approval because the system works automatically, remaining secure no matter what. Besides, users will be able to access their favorite games, websites, and platforms on any device, be it iOS or Android, without any limitations due to interoperability.

  2. Player-oriented gameplay. With in-built NFTs and micropayments, players will have more control over their accounts as well as the assets they obtain while gaming. After all, making a profit from selling in-game items in the form of non-fungible tokens is also a huge deal.

  3. Scalability prospects. Blockchain technology provides a lot more opportunities to turn your Web3 games into entire metaverses that feature multiple third-party services from other businesses, a high number of playrooms and other mechanics to entertain your target audience.

With the introduction of the play-to-earn paradigm, first introduced by Axie Infinity, the gaming industry is on the cusp of a revolution driven by blockchain technology. Hence, new revenue streams are emerging with the promise of democratizing in-game ownership via native tokens, NFTs included.

Play-to-earn implies a model in which players are rewarded with assets for the time spent in a game. Such dApps operate as if they were virtual worlds fueled by tokens that drive their internal economy. Ultimately, each Web3 game is a self-dependent ecosystem, often with a decentralized in-built marketplace where players trade in-game items that they get by participating in battles, crafting, trading, etc.

In order to make your Web3 game working, our specialists must perform a broad spectrum of actions targeted at developing a fully functional system that can bring joy for your audience. First and foremost, there’s a need to make the core of the game itself. To make it right, in most cases, Game-Ace makes use at least of the following technologies:

  1. Game engine. Most frequently, our Web3 game developers utilize Unreal or Unity because these platforms provide maximum support for blockchain integration, making the process a lot more straightforward as well as effective.

  2. 2D/3D editing software. Artists on our team use ZBrush, Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, and other pieces of software created to simplify the life of designers as well as digital content creators.

  3. Integrated development environments (IDEs). Most often, we use Visual Studio because it’s perfectly supported by both Unity and Unreal Engine.

Now when we are done writing scripts, producing 2D or 3D art assets, and building levels along with UI inside a game engine of your preference, it’s time to integrate blockchain. As a rule, Web3 game developers at our studio refer to a wide range of technical tools to ensure that your product runs smoothly, is safe to use, and remains fun no matter the device it’s launched on.

Usually, our team would employ the Ethereum blockchain, Hyperledger (an open-source distributed ledger platform), Elrond (used to create and launch custom blockchain programs), Coinbase (a secure online platform built to allow users to buy, transfer, or sell cryptocurrency), Binance Smart Chain (a blockchain network), Bitfury, Ripple, and other technologies that help you reach your goals in pursuit of decentralization.

Using the combination of conventional and Web3 game development techniques, Game-Ace can build a product that will encompass all the features that you need — decentralization, interoperability, entertaining gameplay, monetization for players, fun mechanics, and more.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can become a bridge between Web2 and Web3. NFTs will allow signing contracts between a person with an ID and a person with a decentralized identifier. Additionally, the related technology will make it possible to conclude contracts within the framework of virtual law and not a specific system of this or that state regulation.

The rapid development of mobile technology has entailed globalization, and the market has nurtured giants such as Google, Apple, Meta, and the rest. No wonder these IT companies' capitalization at their peak exceeded the capitalization of many companies in the traditional economy, which have disproportionately large physical assets and resources.

Web3 protocols employ numerous tokens to encourage participants to become part of the network and contribute to the network's stability digitally. This is how decentralization is ensured. The role of NFTs in Web3 is enormous and shouldn't be unappreciated. In turn, this technology lies at the core of the new internet iteration, along with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Players will undoubtedly adore playing NFT video games because they foster a passion for collecting.

Since NFTs can not only be acquired during the gameplay but also bought or sold, this technology multiplies motivation as well as engagement to launch the game on and on until they retain the passion for collecting new in-game assets like weapons, unique creatures, gems, etc. The number and form of NFTs in Web3 games ends only at the brim of your imagination.

With NFTs integrated into your Web3 game, your product gets extra value for players who are willing to combine entertainment with earning real money. Such an approach makes the gameplay richer and more promising for a higher number of demographic groups than traditional games. Therefore, you can use our Web3 game development services to receive all the benefits from the new internet iteration and be on the same wavelength as industry leaders.

When it comes to developing a dApp, it’s worth noting that the back-end part runs on a blockchain system of your choice, such as Ethereum, as opposed to conventional applications where the back end rests on a centralized server. Interestingly, dApps can have external code and user interfaces programming in any language as well as deployed on any server or a number thereof in order to interact with the internal logic.

Everything begins with the development of the traditional part of your Web3 game. Our team works on a game design document (GDD), plans all the workflows, produces art, animates it, and writes scripts, uploading all this into a game engine such as Unity or Unreal for further manipulation.

When the blockchain part kicks in, we already have the basic functionality and gameplay ready for the integration of Web3-related aspects. Powered by all the back-end logic in tamper-resistant and incredibly secure smart contracts, dApps have many advantages compared to Web2 systems:

  1. better privacy;
  2. resistance to censorship;
  3. zero downtime;
  4. logic execution with a minimum level of trust.

Nevertheless, these benefits also have some downsides to them. Managing and maintaining a Web3 game may require a lot of effort, inasmuch as the code deployed on a blockchain is not subject to change by default. In addition, since all the logic runs on a distributed ledger, operating costs increase as well. Still, you shouldn’t worry too much if you opt for our Web3 game development services because our professionals know the score in these new systems.

Game-Ace can point out 3 components of Web3 game development, including smart contracts, UI and front-end logic, as well as data storage.

First, smart contracts store the business logic of your Web3 game and its state.

Second, the front end and UI can be developed using standard web-based technologies like HTML and JavaScript. Notably, this enables our specialists to make use of familiar tools, libraries, and frameworks. The client-side UI is usually connected with smart contracts via client-side libraries, bundled with front-end resources, and sent to the browser along with the UI.

Third, the data storage system can be created with the help of off-chain storage services, including IPFS or Filecoin, leaving the blockchain only to store the essential business logic and state.

When all the parts are done and combined, it’s time for quality assurance and control to make sure that all the systems work just fine, the performance is as expected, as well as the product is free of critical errors that may affect the player experience negatively.

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