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Have fun creating interesting quizzes and sharing them with your friends
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Tick1 is a lightweight Facebook instant game and the first quiz game with no wrong answers! Here, you can play or create and share quizzes, view results, rank up the leaderboard, and collect coins for completing and challenging your friends in funny quizzes.

Program-Ace implemented various mechanics inside the game to allow users to gain coins from activities such as creating, ranking, and sharing quizzes or watching ads. Apart from that, we endeavored to optimize the game balance and advertising system.

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Technology Stack

As our technology stack, we chose the following frameworks and SDKs to work with:

  • • AngularJS 7+
  • • MariaDB 10.3
  • • YII 2
  • • Facebook Instant Game SDK 6.2
  • • Facebook Audience Network SDK

We resolved to work with this range of technologies because they are simple to maintain by the customer and allow for advanced scalability in the future, including adding more mechanics such as an in-game store, surveys, payment systems, etc.

Tick1 instant game
Developing the Tick1 game, we aimed to create an application which would:

1. Provide players with a user-friendly and interesting tool for creating quizzes.
2. Implement seamless sharing mechanics, so that users could engage their friends in the game, helping it grow and acquire new users.
3. Keep a player in the game, increasing their LTV (lifetime value) by creating several in-game mechanics, including rewards, in-game currency and a leaderboard.

As a result, Program-Ace has built a nice MVP game which can further be advanced by adding new mechanics, and game content.

At this point, the application shows the best results in getting the “virality” through absurd and funny quizzes, the results of which can be shared among friends on Facebook and Instagram.

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