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Slot game development is one of the most incredible classical ways to enhance your online casino. Powered with the most advanced technological innovations in the gaming area, slot games drive people’s desires, develop brands, market products, and engage huge audiences of risk takers who are willing to play big.

Video slot game development is an art which requires a professional team who can think far beyond just programming. A slot game is a masterpiece of the casino industry which combines perfectly-designed artworks with human psychology. Online slots are not just digital reels with buttons. A great slot game tells a story and makes people come back for more.

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Our Game-Ace team will get you covered with

Slot Game Development

Full-cycle slot game development
Slot game Art

Brief, sketches, graphical assets, symbols, slot style, levels
Slot Game Animation

Fancy animations, special effects
UI/UX Design

Icons, menus, buttons, screens
Slot packages we provide

We divide slots into 3 types: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each type represents not only the speed and quality of a slot, but also the project complexity and magnitude.

Basic Standard Premium
  • Game screen
  • 9 Symbols
  • Paytable
  • Symbol animations
  • Win screen
  • Game screen
  • 12 symbols
  • Paytable
  • Symbol Animations
  • Win screen
  • Intro
  • Backgrounds
  • Game screen
  • 16 symbols
  • Paytable
  • Symbol Animations
  • Win screen
  • Intro
  • Backgrounds
  • Mini-game/Feature

We understand that each slot creation is a complicated artistic and creative process. This is why we have raised the best team of experts where each member has already created tens of slot games. Driven by passion and a professional Art-Lead, Game-Ace team is able to deliver stunning results within the strict budget and timelines.

Development timelines: Team composition:
  • Basic — 1 month
  • Standard — 2 month
  • Premium — 3 month
  • 1 Senior Lead 2D Artist
  • 1-2 Middle 2D Artists
  • 1 Senior 2D Animation Artist
  • 1 Middle 2D Animation Artist
  • 1 Project Manager

How We Build Slots

Slot game development pipeline

See Rome Slots in Action:

Rome Slots is a smooth-running, web-based online casino application created using Cocos2d-JS, HTML5, Photoshop, After Effects, and 3DS Max. Rome Slots represents a full-cycle slot machine development project which combines everything from research and concept art creation to slot design and animation.

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