Browser Game Development

What Is It?
The popularity of social media sites has opened up a new vibrant market for browser games to replace the fading popularity of flash games. This new market often combines elements of social and casual games, resulting in quick-learning curves for new players and an emphasis upon cooperative/competitive play between social media “friends.” Significantly, this market has found great success, targeting typically underrepresented demographics in gaming, such as women and users in their 40s and 50s. In a slightly other direction, some commercial companies are adding gamified content and outright games to their websites in order to boost website engagement.
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The Game-Ace Team Will Get You Covered With:

Social Online Games
Games based on social media
websites featuring heavy
player interaction

Casual Online Games
Fun, simple games that
are defined by habitual,
but short, play sessions

From game design ideas
through development
to post-deployment support

Solutions developed with
Unity can also be released for
Android and iOS apps without
significant, additional costs

In order
to widen the user base
or to re-release a retro
classic, we can port games
from console or conventional
PC formats

How Browser Game Development Worked for Rome Slots:

  • Rome Slots is an online, web-based slot machine simulation developed full-cycle by Game-Ace
  • By developing for browsers, Rome Slots was made available for a wide range of users
  • The art team was able to craft attractive and engaging graphics without incurring inconvenient loading times
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With Browser Game Development I Win:

Social media integration
Revenue from under-target demographics,
specifically women and “older” gamers
Increased engagement
on non-gaming, commercial websites
Opportunity to focus
on marketing
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