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What Do You Need for HTML5 Game Development?

If you are planning to create a browser game of any type, you should look for HTML5 game development services. Respective specialists will help you develop a web-based game that is accessible, cross-browser, and captivating. What you need involves a feasible game idea and a desire to cooperate with an outsourcing studio of your choice. Let us imagine you have chosen us as your HTML5 game developer. Upon discussing your ideas and project requirements, we start developing the game, continually maintaining correspondence as well as getting approval.

How to Choose Web Game Developers?

Web game development continues to be a challenging and demanding yet rewarding initiative in the industry. That is why it is so crucial that you find the best-in-class web game developers for your project. Luckily, you are already on the right path toward success. As a game development studio with 17 years of operation on the global market, Game-Ace is capable of delivering high-quality browser games within a reasonable time frame, helping you both receive a finished product and save costs spent on its production. Take advantage of our experience and get what you need.

Have a game idea and want it actualized? We can help.
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HTML5 Game Development Services We Provide

Full-Cycle Game Development

Our web developers can create an attention-grabbing HTML5 game for you from scratch, beginning with writing code and ending with gameplay mechanics elaboration.

2D & 3D Game Development

With us, you can hire HTML5 game developers or outsource the whole production to our team and receive a well-polished, functional 2D or 3D browser-based game.

Game Asset Production

2D and 3D artists at Game-Ace are proficient in creating unique top-notch assets for your browser game, including sound effects, ambient music, as well as visual elements.

Multiplayer HTML5 Games

Game-Ace specializes in developing both single- and multi-player browser games of premium quality so that your audience of players will never stop expanding.

Game Testing

If you have developed a web game on your own or have ordered its development from a third party, we can join the race at any phase, and our professional QA specialists will test it.

Maintenance and Support

Even when your web-based game is ready, we can continue updating it, adding extra features, fixing bugs, releasing patches, or even converting it from Flash to HTML5.

Benefits of Creating HTML5 Games
with Game-Ace

Choosing us as your web game developers will likely result in dealing with a high number of multifaceted benefits:

  1. Technological expertise. Given a profound knowledge of frameworks and programming languages, our HTML5 game developers are masters in ensuring immersive experiences even in casual titles.
  2. Intellectual property protection. Since our development team heavily bets on IP protection and cybersecurity, we always insist on signing an NDA and ensuring that your priceless game ideas remain under the veil of secrecy.
  3. Personal communication. Game-Ace values long-term partnership and continuous communication because our team believes that quality ensues from the sum of coordinated actions performed by each member.
  4. Reliable development. Our team is sufficiently qualified and certified to provide HTML5 game development services, producing high-end browser games that can pass any kind of stress test.
  5. All solutions under one roof. Having successfully finalized dozens of web-based game projects, our team is now capable of covering your back from multiple perspectives, offering hiring and outsourcing services.
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Our HTML5 Game Development Process

Idea сonceptualization

When we arrange the first online meeting and discuss your project’s details, our team begins brainstorming ideas regarding the fundamental concept of the upcoming browser game.


During this stage, the Game-Ace team starts prototyping your future game and building the general development plan outlining each step we take to bring your ideas closer to the market.


Once all the plans and game assets are ready, let alone your approval received, the professional developers at our studio work with the HTML5 and JavaScript code to make the game alive.


The game being playable, our QA specialists move to the next phase executing various test types in order to make sure your web game runs smoothly as well as is optimized for browsers.


As soon as you approve all the work completed to make your game polished and fun to play, our team helps you launch the final product version, turning this process into a cakewalk.

Maintaining & Supporting

If necessary, our web game developers can support it with updates and review the already released game to ensure it performs properly, as well as no new bugs come to the surface.

Our HTML5 game development company has been operating on the market for 17 years, which proves our experience and makes Game-Ace the perfect candidate to become your partner. Developers and artists at our studio have sharpened their skills to become ready for the most challenging game projects, so you do not need to worry about the quality of yours.

Rome Slots — an Online HTML5 Slot Machine Simulation by Game-Ace

  • With a stunning historical environment in the Roman setting, Rome Slots is a slot machine simulation game developed by Game-Ace for its client to function on multiple browsers. This casino game is perfectly optimized for mobile devices, tablets, and computers. The main platforms on which the game is accessible are Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.
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