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Terragame — virtual reality game

Where virtual reality often grapples with limitations like cumbersome controllers, motion sickness, and confined play areas, Game-Ace and Terragame present a groundbreaking solution — introducing Terragame, which our team helps to develop. This innovative VR amusement park redefines the boundaries of virtual and physical worlds. With a staggering 98% satisfaction rate, Terragame promises an hour-long journey into a seamless virtual realm.

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Core Gameplay Mechanics

The core gameplay mechanics of Terragame are ingeniously designed to blend the thrill of virtual reality with the tactile sensations of the real world, offering an unparalleled gaming experience. In this 500-square-meter arena, players are immersed in a dynamic environment where the virtual and physical seamlessly intersect.

Key to Terragame's appeal is its innovative motion-tracking system. This advanced technology allows precise player movements, ensuring a fluid and responsive gameplay experience. Players move around diverse virtual landscapes, solving puzzles as well as overcoming obstacles that require physical and mental agility.

The interactive aspects are a vital component of the experience. Real-world objects are transferred into virtual space in the game, giving a layer of haptic contact. Another important factor is social interaction. Teamwork and communication are critical for advancement. Players must work together to overcome problems and attain goals, combining their skills and strategies.

Finally, the game's narrative is dynamic, adapting to players' actions and decisions, ensuring that each session is a unique adventure, and keeping the excitement and engagement high. Terragame sets a new standard in VR gaming, promising an unforgettable 60-minute journey into a world where imagination meets reality.


Distinctive Features of The Terragame

Terragame redefines virtual reality gaming with its innovative approach and immersive experiences, featuring:

  1. A vast 500-square-meter play area blends virtual reality with the physical world for an immersive experience.
  2. Advanced motion tracking technology for precise and responsive player movements.
  3. Interactive gameplay elements incorporate real-world objects into the virtual space for enhanced tactile interaction.
  4. Team-based challenges designed for groups of 4-6, emphasizing teamwork and communication.
  5. The dynamic game narrative that adapts to players' decisions and actions, offering a unique experience each session.
  6. A high satisfaction rate of 98% reflecting the engaging and innovative nature of the game.
  7. A one-hour game duration, providing a substantial and fulfilling VR experience.
  8. An escape from traditional VR limitations like controllers and confined spaces.


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The VR experience is powered by state-of-the-art technology. The game utilizes advanced VR headsets with 360-degree vision and high-resolution displays, ensuring crystal-clear visuals. The motion tracking system is exact, using a combination of infrared sensors and cameras to track player movements with millimeter accuracy. The play area has a sophisticated spatial sound system, creating a 3D audio environment that enhances immersion. Additionally, robust wireless networking ensures a smooth, uninterrupted gaming experience. Safety measures are paramount, with automated systems to prevent players from exiting the safe play zone.

Game Trailer

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Terragame presents an innovative VR experience characterized by:

  1. A 500-square-meter play area combining virtual and physical elements.
  2. Precise motion tracking and high-quality VR headsets for enhanced realism.
  3. Team-based gameplay designed for 4-6 players, focusing on collaboration.
  4. A player-responsive narrative, offering a unique experience each session.
  5. State-of-the-art technology, including spatial sound systems.
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