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Unreal Engine is a powerful tool that brings you closer to your goal whenever you utilize it for game development. Here is where you can rely on Game-Ace, and we will hire Unreal Engine developers that fit your specific game project. This approach is the most cost-effective because you will not need to use your in-house resources in order to extend the game development team.

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What Do You Need To Hire An Unreal Engine Developer?

If you want to hire UE5 developers with a unique experience, you have to undergo a series of challenges. Game development studios constantly seek talented technical experts but encounter numerous hurdles before they hire an Unreal Engine developer. That is why, in most cases, you should partner with a reliable studio like Game-Ace, which will settle all the formal issues for you and help find the most suitable Unreal Engine developer for hire. Studying CVs, conducting interviews, testing candidates’ skills, and filling in documentation will be our responsibility, not yours.

How To Choose Unreal Engine Developers For Hire?

Coming down in favor of certain candidates and preferring them over others is often a hard row to hoe. In similar scenarios, the best option is to refer to experienced studios that know the ropes and have already built multiple teams to deliver quality projects. Game-Ace can hire an Unreal developer team for you to finish a game of any scale or complexity. With our expertise in recruiting specialists of the highest degree, your next game will be a mindblower. Whether you need a middle or senior Unreal Engine developer for hire — our experts will choose them for you.

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Services We Provide to Help You
Hire Unreal Engine Developers

All-Inclusive Game Development

Unreal Engine development is not a cakewalk, but our qualified developers can effectively take care of any issue that may occur throughout all life cycles of your future game.

Game Development in 2D/3D

The Game-Ace team can find Unreal Engine 4 developers for hire for you and even build the project from scratch, integrating all the assets into EU5, whether it is a 2D or 3D game.

Unreal Engine XR Game Development

Our Unreal Engine developers for hire do real magic inside this game engine, capable of building a VR/AR game for you to broaden the audience and attract new players.

Cross-Platform Game Development

At Game-Ace, we are loyal to the principles of cross-platform game development, so our team always ensures your game is optimized for any device discussed in an interview.

NFT/Metaverse Game Development

Seeking capable Unreal Engine 5 developers for hire to finish an NFT or Metaverse game? In this case, you had better save some time and money since we can handle it all for you.

Unreal Engine Game Quality Assurance

Whether you prefer to hire a dedicated team or cooperate as per a time & material model, our QA specialists make sure your Unreal Engine game is free of technical issues.

Benefits Of Choosing Unreal Developers For Hire
At Game-Ace

Game-Ace is ready to hire an Unreal Engine game developer for your game. Also, we can cooperate based on time & resource, dedicated team, or outsourcing models, so leverage our benefits:

  1. Diversity of talented Unreal developers. Our team regularly cooperates with a broad network of vetted Unreal programmers for hire, let alone that we know where to find professionals suited for specific projects.
  2. Accelerated recruitment process. Partnering with our recruitment experts, you can hire an Unreal Engine developer that will not only skyrocket your project performance but also help you organize internal resources and optimize the workflow.
  3. Communication without intermediaries. Everybody knows that transparent cooperation is key to success but not all take advantage of crystal-clear communication like we do because our specialists dedicate themselves to each project.
  4. Timely project delivery. Our experienced development team respects your time and project resources, so we always meet the deadline, trying to squeeze maximum value out of a given timeframe.
  5. Adjustable cooperation. When we hire Unreal developers for you or provide a dedicated team to enrich your in-house resources, our development team aims to remain flexible and adapt to the harshest working conditions.
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You Can Hire an Unreal Engine Game Developer
For Any Genre

Arcade games

Action & RPG games

Racing games

Casino & Card games

Sport games

Adventure games

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Our Unreal Engine Developers Hiring Process

Customer Specifications Examination

Our recruiters begin with scrutinizing each client’s project requirements to define a set of skills, abilities, and expertise a candidate must master to become part of their team.

Suitable Candidates Identification

Since we continually analyze our base and the international talent pool, recruiters can quickly find the best candidate for any position each client requires, thereby saving their time.

Conducting Interviews

In this phase, our HR specialists carry out an interview or series thereof to examine the conformity of every candidate’s hard and soft skills, matching them with the project requirements.

Providing Feedback

Once an interview is over, we give feedback to each candidate based on their answers to our questions as well as whether their abilities match the previously established project specifications.

Approving and Making Offers

As soon as we discuss each candidate with our client and come up with a decision on who to include into their development team, our HR specialists make an offer.

Picking a Starting Data

In the final stage, we discuss when it is convenient for the hired specialists to commence their work, matching their answers with the client’s expectations.

As a full-cycle game development company operating according to multiple cooperation models, Game-Ace is both ready to help you find Unreal developers for hire or extend your in-house team with our qualified specialists. Our recruiters regularly monitor the talent market fluctuations, research CVs of the most promising candidates, and analyze the activity of the already-hired experts to keep up the pace with time.

Nomadland as a Game Built by Game-Ace Unreal Engine Developers

  • This turn-based strategy and Action RPG is one of the latest projects our Unreal Engine developers have worked on. They have put a lot of effort into making Nomadland a polished and well-built product crafted for a large audience of NFT game fans worldwide.
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