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Diamond Drone — hidden object game prototype

Game-Ace presents its latest prototype, the Hidden Object Game Diamond Drone. This adventure game challenges players to test their drone piloting skills in a race against time to collect hidden rubies. Focusing on skillful navigation and strategic resource management, Diamond Drone blends high-stakes gameplay with cutting-edge Unreal technology through both keyboard and gamepad inputs.

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Core Gameplay Mechanics

The core gameplay mechanics of Diamond Drone revolve around precision piloting and strategic time management. Players take control of a highly maneuverable drone, tasked with collecting rubies scattered throughout a series of intricate antique environments. The level is designed as a labyrinth of obstacles and challenges, testing the player's reflexes and strategic planning skills.

The drone is equipped with a limited battery life, adding a layer of urgency to the gameplay. Players must balance the need for speed with the necessity of conserving energy and making strategic decisions about when to push the limits of the drone's capabilities. Rechargeable battery packs are strategically placed on the ground to aid in this endeavor, requiring players to make quick landings for power-ups.

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Distinctive Features Of The Diamond Drone Game Prototype

Diamond Drone combines various gameplay elements to deliver an engaging and challenging gaming experience. Here are the key features:

  1. Advanced drone flight mechanics. Players take the helm of a sophisticated drone, honing their piloting skills to navigate challenging environments and collect rubies more efficiently.
  2. Strategic ruby collection. The primary goal is to gather as many rubies as possible. These precious stones are suspended mid-air, requiring skillful flight and precision to collect successfully.
  3. Energy management. The drone's energy depletes during flight. Efficient use of power is crucial for successful gameplay.
  4. Battery replenishment. Scattered throughout the level are battery packs players must skillfully collect to recharge their drone, adding a strategic layer to energy management.
  5. High-end tech. The game takes full advantage of the Unreal Engine technology, providing a profoundly immersive experience that heightens the excitement of drone piloting and ruby collection.
  6. Multi-input compatibility. Diamond Drone supports various control inputs, including keyboard, mouse, and gamepad, allowing players to choose their preferred method of piloting the drone.
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Technology Stack

At the core of the game's development is the Unreal Engine, renowned for its powerful rendering capabilities and flexibility in creating complex digital environments. The engine enables Diamond Drone to feature highly detailed graphics and fluid physics simulations, essential for the realistic drone flight experience.

The combination of Unreal Engine's graphical prowess, versatile control compatibility, and superior sound design forms the robust technology stack behind Diamond Drone, setting new standards in realistic gaming.

Game Trailer

Diamond drone results


Diamond Drone's launch has yielded significant achievements, reflecting the successful implementation of its design and technology. Key results include:

  1. Mastery of drone piloting skills, with players demonstrating improved precision and control.
  2. High player engagement, driven by the challenging ruby collection and time management aspects.
  3. Compelling energy strategy gameplay, as players adeptly manage drone power levels.
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