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Whether you are looking for game testing services to test your game or a long-term reliable game testing partner, consider contacting us at Game-Ace. Our game QA specialists execute all test types to spot any issues in your game. You can hire fully dedicated quality assurance engineers or collaborate with us on a project basis. In addition, we can fix all the bugs our experts find to release a polished product.

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What Do You Need For Game QA Outsourcing?

Before seeking the best-in-class video game testing services, you should already have a functional game prepared for quality assurance. With some studios like ours, you can also use full-cycle game development services, which, in turn, include game QA outsourcing as one of the final stages. A playable product is needed before referring to outsourcing studios for testing your game. After the first interview and discussion of all the project details, Game-Ace will do the rest, so there is no need to worry about the final game’s quality.

How To Choose a Game Testing Company?

In order to find and choose the most suitable game testing service, you should be ready to spend a sufficient amount of time surfing the net and sieving potential candidates. Why do so and spend valuable resources if you have already found a game testing company with 17 years of professional operation on the market? Game-Ace specializes in full-cycle game development and quality assurance. Therefore, by choosing us as your game development partner, you will never need to worry about making sure your product is bug-free, not exposed to threats, and polished.

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Video Game Testing Services We Provide

Full-Cycle Testing

Our video game QA company is a leading expert in full-cycle game testing thanks to a precise and methodological approach we abide by in order to ensure the best quality.

Functional Testing

When it comes to quality assurance, testing a game’s functionality comes in the first place, inasmuch as players may find themselves captivated by graphics yet shocked by bugs.

Non-Functional Testing

QA specialists at Game-Ace are proficient in conducting non-functional tests (load, performance testing) aimed at identifying whether your game performs well and checking how reliable the architecture is.

Multi-Platform Testing

When you want your game released on multiple gaming platforms, this type of quality assurance is a must, as various operating systems require specific optimization.

Localization Testing

Since modern games are localized in various regions, it is highly recommended that all the texts and audio files are correctly translated to avoid cultural barriers or mistakes.

Compliance Testing

Aware of its importance, Game-Ace is proficient in executing compliance testing in order to make sure that your game can be freely launched on the target platform without violating its norms.

Benefits of Testing Games
with Game-Ace

Having created and executed quality assurance tests for dozens of games, we can bring unparalleled expertise to enhance the output of your game project with the following benefits:

  1. Rich experience. With 17 years of game development and testing behind our backs, we can skillfully execute any testing type required to make your game polished as well as ready for global competition.
  2. QA at any development phase. Thanks to our profound experience, we are able to provide long-term support at any stage of game development, whether for prototyping, pre-production, beta, or alpha.
  3. In-depth reviews. Our game testing company carries out multiple reviews and always keeps in mind estimating the quality of such parameters as frame rate, RAM usage, input and out latency, player experience, and the rest.
  4. High-end tech stack. In order to perform our testing manipulations at the peak of performance, we take advantage of the most advanced software, including DxDiag, Connectify, Postman, Telerik Test Studio, Test Rail, etc.
  5. Timely delivery. Since we highly appreciate the time of our clients, we always pay maximum attention to finalizing each project in a timely manner but without sacrificing the quality of the work being done.
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Our Game Testing Process

Business Analysis

During our initial online meeting, we can execute in-depth business analysis and evaluate the strategic performance of your future game project on the global market, providing you with objective data.

Plan Creation

As soon as both parties discuss each project detail and requirements, we proceed with crafting a step-by-step plan according to which all the testing types will be thoroughly executed.

Task Distribution

In this phase, our team members distribute tests to branches and cases, thereby allocating resources in the most optimal way that facilitates the maximization of the best result possible.

Executing Tests

Our game testing company executes all test types needed to evaluate the quality and performance of your game before making it maximally polished as well as ready for the market competition.

Collecting Feedback

By this stage, we have already carried out multiple QA tests and collected enough data to elaborate on the documentation regarding feedback and recommendations on how to improve your game.

Improvements & Iteration

Throughout the final phase, our QA specialists repeat and modify tests as long as they do not satisfy their understanding of what a quality game is and how it must perform to bring joy to players.

As one of the few reputable game testing companies, we make it a priority to begin testing with the creation of well-defined documentation. Our team analyzes your game from technical and business aspects, improving user experience. Our QA process ensures that the end-users are satisfied with playing your game and you get a profit.

How Game-Ace Improved a Mobile Game with QA

  • Cricket Manager is a mobile sports simulator built by Game-Ace for Android and iOS. Our company tested the game throughout the whole development process from the start of development to post-launch support. During the testing process, our engineers provided dozens of recommendations on functional improvements, contributed to an increase in loading speed to 30%, and responded to over 25 critical issues on a server and client-side.
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