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QA Testing is a vital step in the development process of any game. It is the bridge between development and release, elevating the game to top-notch performance and optimal user experience. What a video game QA company like Game-Ace does is thoroughly analyze, test, and push your game to discover any bugs, technical issues, and other factors affecting its quality. This is a rigorous process that must be handled by qualified experts. We are proud to offer a helping hand.


Anyone can launch a game and check whether it works, but only an expert game QA testing service provider can run through thousands of game scenarios, find bugs and issues, and establish their root causes. Our specialists search for anything that could hold your game back, including poor resource usage, cross-platform discrepancies, poor level design, and countless other issues. Based on the insights provided by our game QA outsourcing work, your game will ascend in quality and performance, and you will successfully offer players the polished experience they expect and deserve.

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Functional testing

Functional Quality Assurance (FQA) – identifying bugs that may affect the user-experience.

  • Component / module / integration / system / user acceptance testing
  • Security and access control testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Regression testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Localization testing
  • Interoperability testing

Non-functional testing

Non-Functional Quality Assurance – verifying fun factors, difficulty levels, balance, etc.

  • Performance testing
  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Stability / reliability testing
  • Volume testing
  • Usability testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Installation testing
  • Configuration testing
  • Disaster recovery testing

Game-Ace is up to the task!
Here’s why

Having developed and performed QA review of dozens of games, we bring unmatched expertise and dedication to improvement to your project:

  1. Testing at any development stage. We can provide continued support at any stage of game development: Prototype → Pre-production → Alpha → Beta → Release → Post-release.
  2. Full-spectrum review. Review can be carried out across the board and include testing frame rates, RAM usage, connectivity and latency, UI experience, a/b tests, and many others.
  3. Professional tools give professional results. Our work is aided by top-notch software: Telerik Test Studio, DxDiag, Postman, Connectify, Test Rail, Testpad, Xray, Firebase, FBX Viewer.
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Our Testing Process


Analyze business objectives and establish testing scope


Craft and finalize a test plan


Distribute tests to branches and cases


Execute planned tests


Provide feedback and recommendations

& Iteration

Repeat and modify tests until results are satisfactory

As one of few reputable game testing companies, we make it a priority to begin testing with the creation of well-defined documentation.

The process then proceeds at a brisk pace until every bug and issue is found. Our team works consistently to analyze your game from both technical and business aspects and find strategic decisions that will elevate the user experience.

Our QA process allows you to better recognize the quality of your game reach guaranteed good quality. It is aimed to ensure that the end-users are satisfied with playing your game and you get a profit.

How Game-Ace Improved
a Mobile Game with QA

Cricket Manager is a mobile sports simulator built by Game-Ace for Android and iOS. Cricket Manager puts the task of running a successful cricket club in the hands of the player.

Genre: MMO sports simulator
Platforms: iOS, Android
Testing types: functional testing (regression testing), performance testing, usability testing, compliance testing
Tools: Testpad, Xray, Firebase
Team: 1 lead QA engineer, 4 QA engineers
Project length: 18 months

Testing results: Game-Ace tested the game throughout the whole development process from the start of development to post-launch support. During the testing process, our engineers provided dozens of recommendations on functional improvements, contributed to an increase in loading speed up to 30%, detected and responded to more than 25 critical issues on a server (billing, network connectivity) and client-side (UI, controls).

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