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Whether you are looking for game testing services to test your game or a long-term reliable game testing partner, consider contacting us at Game-Ace. Our game QA specialists execute all test types to spot any issues in your game. You can hire fully dedicated quality assurance engineers or collaborate with us on a project basis. In addition, we can fix all the bugs our experts find to release a polished product.

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Video Game Testing Services We Provide

Full cycle testing icon

Full-Cycle Testing

Our video game QA company is a leading expert in full-cycle game testing thanks to a precise and methodological approach we abide by in order to ensure the best quality.

Functional testing

Functional Testing

When it comes to quality assurance, testing a game’s functionality comes in the first place, inasmuch as players may find themselves captivated by graphics yet shocked by bugs.

Non Functionaltesting

Non-Functional Testing

QA specialists at Game-Ace are proficient in conducting non-functional tests (load, performance testing) aimed at identifying whether your game performs well and checking how reliable the architecture is.

Multi platform testing icon

Multi-Platform Testing

When you want your game released on multiple gaming platforms, this type of quality assurance is a must, as various operating systems require specific optimization.

Localization testing icon

Localization Testing

Since modern games are localized in various regions, it is highly recommended that all the texts and audio files are correctly translated to avoid cultural barriers or mistakes.

Complience testing

Compliance Testing

Aware of its importance, Game-Ace is proficient in executing compliance testing in order to make sure that your game can be freely launched on the target platform without violating its norms.

What Do You Need For Game QA Outsourcing?

Before seeking the best-in-class video game testing services, you should already have a functional game prepared for quality assurance. With some studios like ours, you can also use full-cycle game development services, which, in turn, include game QA outsourcing as one of the final stages. A playable product is needed before referring to outsourcing studios for testing your game. After the first interview and discussion of all the project details, Game-Ace will do the rest, so there is no need to worry about the final game’s quality.

How To Choose a Game Testing Company?

In order to find and choose the most suitable game testing service, you should be ready to spend a sufficient amount of time surfing the net and sieving potential candidates. Why do so and spend valuable resources if you have already found a game testing company with 17 years of professional operation on the market? Game-Ace specializes in full-cycle game development and quality assurance. Therefore, by choosing us as your game development partner, you will never need to worry about making sure your product is bug-free, not exposed to threats, and polished.

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Benefits of Testing Games
with Game-Ace

Having created and executed quality assurance tests for dozens of games, we can bring unparalleled expertise to enhance the output of your game project with the following benefits:

  1. Rich experience. With 17 years of game development and testing behind our backs, we can skillfully execute any testing type required to make your game polished as well as ready for global competition.
  2. QA at any development phase. Thanks to our profound experience, we are able to provide long-term support at any stage of game development, whether for prototyping, pre-production, beta, or alpha.
  3. In-depth reviews. Our game testing company carries out multiple reviews and always keeps in mind estimating the quality of such parameters as frame rate, RAM usage, input and out latency, player experience, and the rest.
  4. High-end tech stack. In order to perform our testing manipulations at the peak of performance, we take advantage of the most advanced software, including DxDiag, Connectify, Postman, Telerik Test Studio, Test Rail, etc.
  5. Timely delivery. Since we highly appreciate the time of our clients, we always pay maximum attention to finalizing each project in a timely manner but without sacrificing the quality of the work being done.
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We Expertly Testing Games
of Any Genre

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Arcade games

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Action & RPG games

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Racing games

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Casino & Card games

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Our Game Testing Process

Business Analysis

During our initial online meeting, we can execute in-depth business analysis and evaluate the strategic performance of your future game project on the global market, providing you with objective data.

Plan Creation

As soon as both parties discuss each project detail and requirements, we proceed with crafting a step-by-step plan according to which all the testing types will be thoroughly executed.

Task Distribution

In this phase, our team members distribute tests to branches and cases, thereby allocating resources in the most optimal way that facilitates the maximization of the best result possible.

Executing Tests

Our game testing company executes all test types needed to evaluate the quality and performance of your game before making it maximally polished as well as ready for the market competition.

Collecting Feedback

By this stage, we have already carried out multiple QA tests and collected enough data to elaborate on the documentation regarding feedback and recommendations on how to improve your game.

Improvements & Iteration

Throughout the final phase, our QA specialists repeat and modify tests as long as they do not satisfy their understanding of what a quality game is and how it must perform to bring joy to players.

As one of the few reputable game testing companies, we make it a priority to begin testing with the creation of well-defined documentation. Our team analyzes your game from technical and business aspects, improving user experience. Our QA process ensures that the end-users are satisfied with playing your game and you get a profit.

How Game-Ace Improved a Mobile Game with QA

  • Cricket Manager is a mobile sports simulator built by Game-Ace for Android and iOS. Our company tested the game throughout the whole development process from the start of development to post-launch support. During the testing process, our engineers provided dozens of recommendations on functional improvements, contributed to an increase in loading speed to 30%, and responded to over 25 critical issues on a server and client-side.
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In game development, testing is a crucial stage that helps your team guarantee the quality of the final product. While you can have an in-house testing team, outsourcing game testing can provide numerous benefits. Here are some of the key advantages of outsourcing game testing.

  1. Expertise and experience. When you outsource game testing, you gain access to experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the industry's standards and best practices. They know how to identify bugs and glitches impacting the game's performance and user experience.

  2. Cost-efficient approach. Outsourcing game testing can be a cost-effective solution. You don't have to invest in recruiting, training, and maintaining an in-house testing team. That's why outsourcing allows you to save time and money while ensuring quality.

  3. Scalability. Game testing requirements can vary depending on your project's size and complexity. With the help of outsourcing, you can quickly scale your testing efforts up or down depending on your needs. Such flexibility allows you to focus on the core aspects of game development while leaving testing to the experts.

  4. Boosted time-to-market. Whenever you outsource game testing, you significantly reduce the time-to-market for your game. Professional testers have the expertise and experience to quickly identify and resolve issues, which can speed up the testing process and ensure your game is ready for launch on time.

  5. Quality of your game. By outsourcing game testing, you can ensure that your game is thoroughly tested for bugs, glitches, and other issues that could affect its overall quality. Professional game testers have the knowledge and experience to find and eliminate any potential problems, ensuring that your game is polished and ready for launch.

  6. Time and cost savings. By outsourcing game testing, you can save a sufficient amount of time and money to invest in other areas of your project. If you choose to rely on a dedicated team of testers, you'll reduce the time and resources required to check the quality of your product in-house. This frees up your internal resources to focus on other critical aspects of game development, such as design and marketing, which can ultimately save you money and improve your bottom line.

As a result, outsourcing game testing can significantly benefit game development projects. It can save you time and money, provide access to expertise and experience, as well as ensure your game is of the highest quality possible. If you are looking for a reliable game-testing partner, Game-Ace can help.

From year to year, we've built our team of capable testers who are ready to check your game based on the highest standards for quality and performance. We can provide you with peace of mind and the ability to focus on other core aspects of game development instead of diving into the technical stuff. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your game development goals.

Performing quality assurance (QA) for gaming projects is an essential part of the game development process to make the final product meet your target audience's expectations. Here's a breakdown of the QA process that we follow at Game-Ace:

  1. Creating a comprehensive test plan. Before starting the QA process, we create a detailed test plan outlining the testing scope, the testing criteria, and the testing approach. During this phase, our team analyzes and discusses your game's requirements, scope, and target audience to determine the appropriate testing approach. We create test plans, define test cases, and establish acceptance criteria. Then our QA specialists proceed to identify the tools and technologies required for testing.

  2. Functional testing. We conduct functional testing to ensure the game's features work as expected. Afterward, it's time to test your game's core gameplay mechanics, levels, and objectives, ensuring they align with the game's design document. We also verify that the game's controls, interfaces, and menus are functional.

  3. Compatibility testing. During this phase, our professionals test your app across different platforms, devices, and operating systems to make it work correctly on all target platforms. We check the game's performance on various hardware configurations and screen resolutions, identifying compatibility issues that may affect gameplay.

  4. Performance testing. Now Game-Ace moves to test your game's performance under different conditions to ensure it's optimized and runs without any critical issues. We study the game's frame rate, loading times, and memory usage, identifying any problems that may influence the game's performance.

  5. Security testing. Throughout this stage, our QA engineers conduct security testing to make sure that your game is secure and free from vulnerabilities. Then we test the login, authentication, and authorization features, checking for any potential security breaches that may put the user's data at risk.

  6. Localization testing. The Game-Ace team tests the localization features to make your game accessible and playable for users worldwide. Once it's completed, our quality assurance specialists review your game's language support, translations, and cultural adaptability, checking whether your game's content and user interface are appropriate for the discussed target audience.

  7. User acceptance testing. We conduct user acceptance testing to ensure the game meets the user's expectations and delivers an engaging gameplay experience. Gathering feedback from beta testers and focus groups, incorporating their suggestions and insights to improve your game's quality as well as usability is the final aspect of this stage.

  8. Bug reporting and tracking. Our team uses bug reporting and tracking tools to identify, document, and track all bugs and issues found during testing.

Game-Ace houses a team of experienced QA testers passionate about delivering high-quality games. We use state-of-the-art tools and technologies to guarantee that our testing processes are efficient and effective. We also understand the importance of meeting project deadlines, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that our testing efforts align with their development schedule.

If you opt for Game-Ace as your game development partner, you can rest assured that your game will undergo a rigorous QA process that maximizes its success. We provide customized QA services that fit any of your needs. Reach out to us today to learn how we can assist you in delivering top-tier games that meet your target audience's expectations.

Game testing is an essential aspect of game development, inasmuch as it helps ensure that players have a positive experience and keep returning for more. The following are some key ways that game testing contributes to this goal:

  1. Identifying and resolving technical issues. Game testers can identify bugs, glitches, and other technical problems that will likely negatively influence the player experience. Usually, the checklist includes issues such as game crashes, poor performance, and problems related to game mechanics or controls. By addressing these issues before the game is released, developers can ensure that players have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

  2. Balancing game difficulty. Balancing the difficulty level of a game is crucial to maximizing the possibility of players remaining engaged and motivated. Our game testers can provide feedback on your game's difficulty and suggest changes that make it more challenging or accessible, depending on the target audience. Balancing the game's difficulty can help players feel a sense of achievement and progress, motivating them to continue playing.

  3. Improving game mechanics. Game mechanics are the rules and systems that govern how the game works. Testing can help identify problems with game mechanics, such as areas where the game feels unbalanced or frustrating. By improving game mechanics, game testers can make the game more enjoyable and engaging for players.

  4. Enhancing player experience. Our QA testers can deliver feedback on elements like story, characters, and graphics, helping to improve the overall player experience. Providing feedback on what works and what doesn't, game testers can help developers create a game that resonates with players and keeps them coming back for more.

  5. Ensuring compatibility. Ensuring compatibility across all platforms can be challenging with so many different devices and operating systems available. Game testers can test the game on various devices and platforms, confirming it works as intended across all of them. The purpose of such activities consists in bringing players a consistent experience regardless of their playing device.

Game testing is a critical component of game development that helps ensure players have a positive experience and keep coming back for more. By identifying and resolving technical issues, balancing game difficulty, improving game mechanics, enhancing the player experience, and ensuring compatibility, our game testers can help you create engaging and enjoyable games for your players.

If you want to tailor your game to the needs of your target audience, working with an experienced game testing service like Game-Ace can provide the expertise and experience needed to ensure the highest quality product possible. Additionally, Game-Ace offers top-notch game art services, helping create visually stunning games that stand out in a crowded market. Contact us today to get all these benefits and more after discussing your project!

The testing phase is an integral part of game development that directly impacts the quality and success of the final product. Compliance testing is a critical component of this process, ensuring games meet legal and regulatory requirements. These requirements include age ratings, content restrictions, privacy laws, accessibility standards, and the rest.

Professional game testing companies, like Game-Ace, master enough expertise and experience to perform compliance testing and make your game comply with all relevant regulations along with standards. Feel free to review some of the reasons why compliance testing is essential for game development:

  • Legal compliance. Different countries and regions have other laws and regulations regarding the content of video games, such as violence, sex, drugs, and gambling. For example, games must comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as other international laws and regulations. Non-compliance with these regulations can result in significant legal consequences, such as fines and legal action.

  • Platform compliance. Gaming platforms, such as iOS, Android, Xbox, and PlayStation, have their own set of guidelines and regulations for games to be released on their platforms. Game-Ace is aware of all of them, so you don't need to worry about these aspects.

  • Age ratings. Compliance testing verifies that games meet the age rating requirements established by organizations such as the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and Pan European Game Information (PEGI). This helps prevent minors from accessing inappropriate content and protects developers from legal consequences.

  • Content restrictions. Compliance testing also ensures that your game complies with content restrictions established by various organizations and regulatory bodies. For instance, games must abide by the guidelines established by the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC), which prohibits games from featuring excessive violence, sexual content, or other forms of explicit material.

  • Accessibility compliance. Accessibility is an essential consideration for game developers because many players may have disabilities or impairments that affect their ability to play games. Compliance testing will allow you to make games that meet accessibility standards, including color contrast, text size, and alternative input methods.

  • Performance compliance. Games must also meet performance standards to ensure a smooth and enjoyable player experience. Quality assurance can help identify and address performance issues like frame rate drops, input lag, and loading times.

  • Localization compliance. Game localization is the process of adapting a game to different languages and cultures. Compliance testing ensures localized games are accurate and culturally appropriate in terms of translations, voiceovers, and graphics.

All in all, by performing compliance testing, you can ensure that the product you are working on is legally compliant, meets platform-specific standards, is accessible to all players, performs well, and is culturally appropriate. Such careful attention paid to QA can help you create a positive player experience, minimize legal issues, and increase the chances of success in the global market. Contact Game-Ace to get the best of both worlds and win the market game with our custom-tailored game testing services!

Ensuring a seamless gaming experience for your players is crucial to the success of your game, and at Game-Ace, we take game testing seriously. We employ a comprehensive array of testing methods to guarantee that your game meets the highest quality standards. Here, we outline the various types of game testing that we utilize:

  1. Functional testing. Our team conducts thorough functional testing to verify that your game's features and mechanics operate as intended, providing your players with a smooth and engaging gameplay experience.

  2. Compatibility testing. With the diverse range of devices, operating systems, and platforms available, compatibility testing is essential. We rigorously test your game to ensure it runs flawlessly across various devices and platforms, reaching a broader audience.

  3. Performance testing. Performance testing is crucial to optimize your game's resource usage and identify potential bottlenecks that may impact the gameplay experience. We analyze your game's performance under different conditions to ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience for your players.

  4. Usability testing. Our team assesses your game's user interface, controls, and overall ease of use to guarantee a user-friendly gaming experience. We gather feedback from players and make necessary adjustments to enhance the game's usability.

  5. Load testing. We perform load testing to evaluate your game's ability to handle many simultaneous users without compromising performance or stability, ensuring that your game can support a growing player base without any issues.

  6. Localization testing. Suppose your game is targeting an international audience. In that case, localization testing is vital to ensure that your game's language, cultural references, and content are accurate and relevant for players in different regions.

  7. Security testing. Security is paramount in today's gaming landscape, particularly for play to earn games that involve in-game transactions. We conduct rigorous security testing to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities, safeguarding your players' data and in-game assets.

  8. Regression testing. As your game undergoes updates and modifications, regression testing is necessary to ensure these changes do not adversely affect existing functionality. Our team tests your game after every update to maintain its quality and performance.

  9. Playtesting. Playtesting allows us to evaluate your game from a player's perspective, providing valuable insights into its overall appeal, fun factor, and potential areas for improvement. We use player feedback to refine your game and create an engaging experience that keeps players returning for more.

  10. Beta testing. We organize beta testing sessions involving a limited group of players to gather real-world feedback and identify any remaining issues before the game's official release. This valuable feedback helps us make the final adjustments to ensure a polished and well-received game launch.

Recognizing the importance of game testing in the development process, Game-Ace is dedicated to offering top-notch gaming experiences for your players. Through our extensive testing methodologies, we can detect and resolve any issues, guaranteeing your game surpasses your expectations.

If you are in search of a dependable partner for your game development endeavors, consider reaching out to Game-Ace. Our proficiency and commitment to quality assurance will ensure your game excels in the competitive gaming industry while delivering unforgettable experiences to your players.

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