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Apple's devices are flooding the market on an annual basis, increasing the overall number of potential players of iOS games. You definitely should consider getting involved in iOS game development, inasmuch as it is a vast field where you can implant your product, wait for some time, and expect a rich harvest in the long run.

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What Do You Need for iOS Game Development?

The most crucial ingredient for developing a commercially successful iOS game is experience. No matter how advanced and innovative your tech stack is, the years of professional operation on the international market is a weightier argument. That is why the best recipe to make a stunning iOS game on the iPad or iPhone devices involves finding a technology partner who will cover your back by taking responsibility for all the technical staff. Game-Ace matches this role perfectly thanks to 17 years of experience, multiple global awards, and a time-proven portfolio. You can join the race with us and end up with a premium-quality iOS game that your target audience would enjoy.

How to Choose an iOS Game Development Company?

If you have already resolved to develop an iOS game using outsourcing or outstaffing services, the most optimal way to do it right is to research the market and carry out a thorough discovery phase. Such an approach is to maximize the output of your work long before it is even started, inasmuch as you will be aware of everything you need to do in the following few stages of your project implementation. But before that, you can choose Game-Ace as your strategic technology partner, and we will help you save resources on your discovery phase as well as market research. With our iOS game development company, you can effectively reach new summits in the global industry.

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iOS Game Development Services We Provide

iOS Game Development Consulting

Every time you intend to create a new iOS game, be sure to address our consulting services in order to squeeze maximum value from each project, putting to good use the proficiency of our professionals.

Full-Cycle iOS Game Development

Our studio offers full-cycle iOS game development services for you to relieve the stress of making video games using only in-house resources. Together, we can build the iOS game of your players’ dreams.

Assets Creation

Artists housed at Game-Ace are capable of producing top-notch 2D/3D assets for your iOS game. They have done this a hundred times and can do it one more time by dedicating themselves to your project.

UX/UI Design

Our iOS game development company is perfectly aware of the importance of UX/UI design to any project meant for Apple devices, be it iPhone or iPad. So the well-versed designers on our team do real magic.

iOS Game Testing

We execute multiple test types to ensure that the final quality of your iOS game not only meets the international game development standards but also runs smoothly even on legacy devices without any quality reduction.

Support and Maintenance

With our iOS game development services, you can be confident that your product will receive regular updates, bug fixes, gameplay balancing optimization, monetization improvements, and the rest after its launch.

Benefits of Creating iOS Games
with Game-Ace

Our iOS game development company knows by heart how to maximize the quality of your product without having to sacrifice its performance or optimization, which leads to these benefits:

  1. Custom-tailored games. We customize any project workflow according to each client’s particular requirements and expectations in order to develop an iOS game that will ideally fit their corporate culture as well as brand identity. You are welcome to create feature-rich ludo, casino, arcade, strategy, and other iOS games once we partner up, unlocking the full potential of our team.
  2. Best gaming experience. In addition to other solutions, Game-Ace offers high-class iOS game development services, using which you bring your product closer to the target audience, endowing them with top-notch gaming experiences, regardless of style or genre. No matter how complex and multi-layered your iOS game must be in the long run, our developers are able to handle it all.
  3. Cutting-edge technologies and techniques. Our tech-savvy iOS game developers always have their fingers on the industry’s pulse to stay in tune with state-of-the-art technologies, including the latest updates of Unity, Unreal Engine, Swift, Objective-C, and the rest. Moreover, we adhere to the most secure iOS development standards to wrap your ideas with the best technical shell.
  4. On-time delivery. Since we always pay careful attention to each client’s needs, we treasure their time and work smart in order to complete the project on time without trading punctuality for quality. Therefore, we deliver only market-ready and well-polished iOS games within the previously established time frames, allocating time in a way that allows us to develop the product and test it inside out.
  5. Complete confidentiality. Cooperating with Game-Ace guarantees your intellectual property protection, entire communication confidentiality, and the opportunity to sign an NDA while maintaining crystal-clear correspondence with us. Upon successfully completing your iOS game development project, you will have all the rights and documentation proving the ownership of the product.
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Our Process of iOS Game Creation

Requirements Analysis

Our team sets up the groundwork, discusses your concept art/gameplay mechanics/other ideas, and consults you on what solutions can be best for your iOS game. Then we share our insights into the market and elaborate on the project milestones.

Market Research

After our initial interview and your approval, we conduct market research as well as the discovery phase (if needed) to make the development process based on objective information. Then we choose a suitable project execution vector.

Game Design

Throughout this phase, our developers and game designers elaborate on a game design document (GDD), while artists produce concept art that will further serve as a reference for 2D/3D assets (based on a genre or style).

Game Development

Programmers and designers at our iOS game development company write scripts, create game objects, set up the environment, and produce animations. When everything seems integral, Game-Ace uploads all assets into the engine.

QA and Testing

As soon as your iOS game is functional and playable, it is time to engage quality assurance specialists who will run a wide range of various tests to remove all the bugs, glitches, as well as other issues your players may face.

Final Game Submission

When your product is developed and tested, you review it, discussing your impressions with our team. Depending on our preliminary agreement, we can either release the already finished iOS game for you or help you do it on your own.

It is no secret that iOS games are gaining momentum, with more and more Apple devices winning the international market competition. With Game-Ace, you can increase your brand awareness and boost business performance thanks to our iOS game development services. Qualified experts at our studio will make your game development journey as smooth and risk-free as possible.

Notwithstanding its style and genre, your iOS gaming app deserves the most sophisticated approach to development as well as adherence to world-class business standards. Game-Ace guarantees the high-end quality of the final game’s version, which your target audience would adore. What you can do to bring this goal closer is contact our managers and initiate cooperation.

How Game-Ace Developed an AR Game — Archy the Rabbit

  • This augmented reality game, optimized for iOS and Windows, perfectly showcases how skilled our developers are. This app takes advantage of AR technology and impresses players with real-world environments displayed on a user’s device. Moreover, they can interact with digital objects shown against the actual background to which a camera is pointed as if these were real.
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