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Evil West — a third-person shooter video game

In 2022, our team at Game-Ace successfully partnered with the creators of Evil West, offering expert Unreal Engine 4 development to enhance gameplay. Over an intense 4-month period, our skilled developers rigorously debugged and refined the game's multiplayer features, solidifying its technical foundation for a successful launch. Despite challenges from a complex Blueprint system, our collaborative efforts demonstrated our adaptability and commitment to delivering top-tier gaming experiences.

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Core Gameplay Mechanics

In Evil West, players step into the shoes of Jesse Rentier, an indomitable vampire hunter, engaging in exhilarating third-person shooter gameplay. The robust arsenal at Jesse's disposal, featuring powerful firearms like a six-shot pistol and flamethrower, as well as melee weapons such as an electrifying gauntlet and an ax, forms the core of the game's mechanics. Additionally, a dynamic environment enables interactive gameplay, with players using elements like spike traps and explosive barrels to defeat foes.

A unique stagger and stun system permits the execution of enemies using stylish finisher moves. Player progression is marked by unlocking new skills and abilities, enhancing the gameplay experience. The implementation of formidable bosses with distinct attack patterns magnifies the game's complexity. The ability to play the campaign cooperatively further adds to the game's mechanics. Despite the project's complexity, our dedicated developers could expertly take advantage of the Gameplay Ability System plugin and the multifaceted Unreal Engine's Blueprint system, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for players.

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Distinctive Features of The Evil West Game

Evil West stands out in the gaming arena with its engaging mechanics and polished multiplayer aspects, key areas where our proficient team played a significant role, working on the following:

  1. Bug fixing. Our skilled developers diligently performed extensive debugging for Evil West, ensuring a smooth, immersive gaming experience without technical interruptions.
  2. Gameplay enhancement. The team refined the core gameplay elements, focusing on streamlining the experience for the end user.
  3. Multiplayer polish. We contributed significantly to enhancing the multiplayer part of the game, ensuring seamless cooperative play for launch.
  4. Technical hardening. The developers fortified the game's technical foundation, laying the groundwork for robust, reliable, and efficient gameplay performance.
  5. Extensive project management. Despite the project's large size and intricate codebase, our team navigated it effectively, marking a notable success in our portfolio.

Game screenshots

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Technology Stack

Our dedicated developers relied on the power of Unreal Engine 4 for the development of Evil West, a testament to our competence in encountering the complexities of this advanced gaming engine. Notably, the Gameplay Ability System plugin was a vital component in our toolkit. Our developers efficiently used this intricate plugin despite its extensive utilization by the original programmers, which led to numerous bugs for our team to solve.

Perforce software formed the backbone of our collaborative efforts, enabling us to work seamlessly with client-side project files despite the massive size exceeding 400GB. We also faced the challenge of working with a multifaceted codebase heavily reliant on UE's Blueprint system. Our team's adeptness at deciphering and elaborating on such intricate code underscores its technical prowess.


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Our team delivered top-notch results for the Evil West project, exhibiting the following key achievements:

  1. Rectified extensive bugs through detailed debugging.
  2. Polished and enhanced the multiplayer part of the game for a smooth launch.
  3. THardened the technical foundation for superior performance and efficiency.
  4. Skillfully navigated a complex codebase, achieving success with a large project exceeding 400GB.
  5. Demonstrated advanced expertise with Unreal Engine 4 and associated plugins.
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