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Android game development is a promising area where your product can become incredibly lucrative and beneficial to the industry within a reasonable amount of time. Different from creating games for consoles or PCs, mobile game development for Android devices is not so challenging, not to mention that such a project takes less time to implement and has fewer options to take into account.

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What Do You Need For Android Game Development?

If you have already resolved to start creating mobile games with a partner, the best approach is to leverage our Android game development services. Why? Because the talented Android game developers on our team have finalized dozens of projects in the same direction as yours. Almost all of them continue to bring joy to players and profit — for product owners. That is why you may want to partner with Game-Ace, an Android game development company boasting 17 years of hands-on experience in building premium-quality games for various platforms, Android included. We can make any kind of Android game, including slot, action RPG, strategy, hyper-casual entertainment apps, etc. Launch your Android game project with Game-Ace!

How to Choose an Android Game Studio?

Choosing an Android game studio is a responsible undertaking because it will positively or negatively affect the project. One of the best ways to look for a technology partner is to conduct research, review competitors, and make a list of the most preferred candidates. Once these steps are considered done, it is time to study their portfolios and make up your mind concerning what potential partner will likely match your Android game project. But we can help you cut the costs on all these processes by offering our Android game development company, which can provide all the related services you may require to create a stunning product. The Game-Ace team continually polishes its skills, becoming more advanced with each project delivered.

Our Android game development company — your quality product.
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Android Game Development Services We Provide

Android Game Development Consulting

Whenever you choose to start developing a new Android game, you are welcome to take advantage of our consulting services, after which your team will gain insight into the tiniest details of this complex process.

Full-Cycle Android Game Development

Game-Ace provides full-cycle Android game development services to help you receive a high-quality mobile game that will boost your business performance, bringing it to the next, never-before-seen level.

Assets Creation

Our 2D and 3D artists can produce highly optimized assets for your Android game. Utilizing their potential and profound experience, they will enliven the world of your app with unique models and animations.

UX/UI Design

Designers at our studio know the ropes in creating modern-looking and user-friendly interfaces for any kind of Android game so that your players will be tempted to click on the start button to get more joy.

Android Game Testing

Since we trust in quality assurance and control, our specialists carry out many tests in order to make sure that your Android game offers maximum performance without any serious bugs or drop in frame rate.

Support and Maintenance

By using our Android game development services, you will significantly optimize your resource management and ensure that your released game gets regular updates, is free of bugs, and has optimized gameplay.

Benefits of Creating Android Games
with Game-Ace

Creating Android games is a challenging task, but choosing Game-Ace as your partner will provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Customized Android mobile game development. Game-Ace tailors its game development principles according to your tastes, wishes, and project requirements. With our flexible cooperation model and your business ambitions, we can create a top-notch Android gaming app that will satisfy your audience.
  2. Rich experience in the gaming industry. Developers, designers, and managers on our team are continually sharpening their skills from year to year in order to deploy Android games that spur the mind as well as bring profit for clients. Seeing through the industry helps us squeeze everything from the game engines.
  3. Focus on trends. Our Android game development company is always on the same wavelength with the global trends, helping us keep pace with the industry. Therefore, you can be confident that your games are created with an orientation toward the latest gaming tendencies.
  4. Games featured on Google Play. The games we make for our clients are so unique, custom-tailored, bug-free, and captivating that Google Play regularly features them. What this means for your project is that you can count on our professionalism and extensive experience in delivering Android games.
  5. State-of-the-art technologies and techniques. Each of our team members wields their tech stack in the most effective way, allowing them to offer Android game development services that always result in the release of a stunning mobile app. Put the potential of Game-Ace to good use and improve your business.
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Our Android Game Development Process

Requirements Analysis

The Game-Ace team lays the foundation for further work, discussing your ideas as well as thinking about how to improve them in the most optimal way. Also, we consult you regarding the most complicated aspects of developing your game.

Market Research

Once our initial online meeting comes to an end, we carry out market research and the discovery phase whenever it is required in order to simplify the development workflow by relying on accurate information about the state of affairs on the market.

Game Design

In this phase, game designers and developers at Game-Ace start working on a game design document (GDD), with artists crafting unique concept art. It will come in handy as a reference for 2D or 3D Android game assets for your product.

Game Development

This stage marks the launch of all development workflows, during which our Android game development company starts creating the architecture of your product while artists design levels and integrate assets into the engine.

QA and Testing

When your Android game is considered wholesome and functional, our quality assurance professionals run multiple tests in order to get rid of all the bugs/glitches as well as ensure that the players will have fun playing your game.

Final Game Submission

After the game is finished and deprived of any technical issues, we will discuss your impressions and release the game on Google Play. Then our team harvests the players’ feedback and can update your Android game based on it.

Using our Android game development services will help you end up with a high-quality game released on Google Play and gather a global audience of fans from all corners of the world. Entrust your project to our talented and experienced professionals, and you will forget about all the technical stuff related to Android game development since it is our responsibility.

Why do everything on your own if you can share all the hardships with a reliable technology partner that has already undergone the same process multiple times? If that is the case for you, contact us, and our managers will quickly schedule an online interview, during which we can discuss everything you are interested in as well as all the project details.

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