Augmented Reality Development

What Is It?
After the explosive success of Pokemon Go, augmented reality gaming became the hottest trend of this decade. Building a bridge between the virtual and physical, interactive AR games bring information-rich overlays into reality and improve human-computer interaction. With the help of advanced tools such as Vuforia and OpenCV, a team of innovators and professional developers here at Game-Ace creates augmented reality games that will become a standard for all the others to follow.
Why Do I Need It?
  • To hit one of the leading gaming markets
  • To attract a technology-spoiled, playing community
  • To enrich your existing game
  • To increase revenue by handing development to professionals
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The Game-Ace Team Will Get You Covered With:

Full-cycle augmented
reality development

Marker-rich AR games

Markerless AR games

AR games

Integration of spatial
sound, 2D/3D data,
haptic feedback

How Mobile Game Development Worked with Archy the Rabbit:

  • Cross-platform mini-game that features AR technology gained user's love across app stores
  • Archy the Rabbit, a long-eared bunny, had more than 10K downloads across app stores
  • The mini-game acquires around 8K impressions in the App Store and Google Play per month
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With Augmented Reality Development I Win:

More time to focus on marketing and less stress on controlling
Unlocked AR for any real
or virtual object
of the AR development process
R&D team that enhances
your custom AR game
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