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This website is a property of Program-Ace LLC. Program-Ace LLC and our partners use cookies or similar technologies to gather and analyze information about you and how you use our Websites (,, We put together this Cookie Policy to provide you with more information about these cookies and technologies.

About Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text sent to your web browser by a website you visit. A cookie file is stored in your web browser and allows the Websites or a third-party to recognize you and make your next visit easier and the Website more useful to you.

For more information on cookies, including how to control your cookie settings and preferences, visit, and

We use these cookie technologies for a few general purposes like:

  1. To allow our Websites to function correctly.
  2. To understand how our Websites are functioning and to inform any improvements in performance and our services.
  3. To enhance your experience on our Websites and provide functionality that means for example you don’t have to re-enter your details each time you engage with our sites or to record what requests you’ve made on our Websites.
  4. To gather relevant data that helps us deliver marketing and advertising content relevant to your interests.

Session and Persistent Cookies

Cookies can be “persistent” or “session” cookies. Session Cookies are temporary cookies that are stored on your device while you are visiting our Websites. The “persistent Cookies” are stored on your device for a period of time after you leave our Website.

The length of time a persistent cookie stays on your device varies from cookie to cookie. We use persistent cookies to store your preferences so that they are available for the next visit, and to analytics of how often you visit our Websites, how often you return, how your use of the Websites may vary over time. We also use persistent Cookies to measure the effectiveness of advertising efforts. Through these Cookies, we may collect information about your online activity after you leave our Websites.

We use both session and persistent cookies on the Websites

Third-Party Cookies

Some Cookies are placed by a third party on your device and may provide information to us and third parties about your browsing habits (such as your visits to our Websites, the pages you have visited and the links and advertisements you have clicked). These Cookies can be used to determine whether certain third party services are being used, to identify your interests, to retarget advertisements to you and to serve advertisements to you that we or others believe are relevant to you. We do not control third-party Cookies.

What Types of Cookies We Use

We use different types of cookies:

Cookie Settings

You can decide whether or not to accept Cookies. One way you can do this is through your internet browser’s settings. Program-Ace does not require that you accept cookies and/or you may withdraw your consent to our use of cookies at any time by adjusting your browser’s privacy settings, however, some functionality on our site may be disabled if you decline to accept cookies. You can opt-out cookies collection in following way:

Deleting cookies

You can delete cookies already stored on your computer:

If you have any queries regarding this Cookie Policy please contact us at

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