Game Porting

What Is It?
The gaming industry is experiencing a lot of pressure to reduce the time and cost of game production. Game porting is a perfect option for those who value their budget and criticality of time. The Game-Ace team would love to meet the technical challenge of porting a new popular title that will reach many people and bring them into your gaming world. We are capable of porting mobile, desktop, VR, AR, HoloLens, browser, and other types of games to not only fill players' spare time but also enhance your business' value.
Why Do I Need It?
  • To hit the maximum number of platforms
  • To reach a broader audience that prefers different gadgets
  • To release the game across multiple app stores
  • To enrich gameplay with more functionality
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The Game-Ace Team Will Get You Covered With:

Initial marketing

Cost-effective porting
based on the latest
gaming trends
Code optimization
to fit platform
of additional
Extensive testing
of ported games
across platforms

How Game Porting Worked for King of Juice:

  • Initially crafted for Leap Motion, KOJ was ported to mobile platforms (iOS and Android) with improved game functionality and optimized performance. For instance, the motion tracking gestures were replaced with finger swipes on smartphones and tablets
  • Delivered the gaming experience to different target audiences with more than 5k downloads each month
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With Game Art Creation I Win:

Successful commercial
title deployed everywhere
Marketing strategy targeting
specific platforms
Highly optimized porting
and development pipeline
World-class monetization
and retention services
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