Gear VR Game Development

What Is It?
Gear VR is a mobile-based virtual reality headset. In order to use it, users must have a Samsung Galaxy, which you place inside the Gear VR. The mobile device provides the processing power and the games are run through it. It is a cheaper and more accessible form of VR than the more powerful, yet more expensive, devices such as Oculus and HTC Vive. Its greatest strength is that it provides VR to huge swaths of consumers for the first time, thus both offering and delivering significant market potential. Developing for Gear VR for many years, the Game-Ace team apply its great experience to build virtual reality games with astonishing VR content.
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The Game-Ace Team Will Get You Covered With:

Gear VR Game Development

If VR gaming was once
a dream, it’s now a reality

The whole process — from
VR game design through to
post-release support —
is what we do
By using Unity to develop,
we can deploy across
several virtual reality platforms without
incurring excessive costs
Gear VR Porting

We prioritize the game’s
integrity and work with
the graphics to optimize their
performance on Gear VR
Genre Fluency
Not limited to standard
game genres, our team plays
with them to craft
unique gaming

Why Develop a Gear VR Game?

  • The highly respected market research group, SuperData Research, predicted Gear VR to sell more than 2 million copies in 2016, putting it in 2nd place among VR devices
  • Offers immersive virtual reality via mobile devices, simplifying the product marketing process
  • Very light-weight (345g) and cushioned design guarantees the user is engaged without external distractions
  • Thanks to cooperation between the companies, Gear VR features the same cutting-edge technology used in the more comprehensive but expensive Oculus Rift
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