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The Realms of Men Need a New King
Released for iOS and Android, Hexagonium is a massively multiplayer online game that targets midcore gamers looking for a mobile gaming option. It incorporates aspects of real-time strategies (RTS), turn-based strategies (4X), and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) to provide unique and addicting gameplay. Developed in-house and full-cycle by Game-Ace, it features custom 3D artwork and tactical, in-depth gameplay.
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Lead and Bowl Your Way to Fame
Cricket Manager, a sport simulation game for mobile devices, puts players in the hotseat by giving them control over gametime tactics, boardroom decisions, and everything in between. The MMO nature of the game pits fans and rivals from the cricket-playing world against each other in league and cup play. Game-Ace developed this full-cycle and supports the servers necessary for coordinating heavy usage.
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Try Your Luck and Give a Spin
The market for online gambling is exploding as users accustomed to physical casinos are opting for the convenience of web-based slot machines. The art team at Game-Ace crafted Rome Slots to engage users with a varied, color-rich aesthetic. The production team took a cross-platform, web-based approach to guarantee a smooth-running experience on a range of devices.
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Gaming is what we do. As a custom game development company, we'll provide you with everything you need, whether it be full-cycle development or specific game assets. If you need to hire game developers, our team is here to make your goal — from MMO strategies to virtual reality shooters — a success.

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