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Axe in hand and honor at stake, wage brutal war against friend and foe!
In this MMO that blends turn-based and real-time strategies, would-be lords must build kingdoms and conquer enemies through a mix of will and guile. Aimed at both casual and hardcore gamers, it balances depth and strategy with short play sessions and a quick learning curve to produce an addicting experience.

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Hero Building
Hexagonium art creation services

Hexagonium art creation services

Game Map
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Hexagonium game characters creation

Hexagonium game characters creation


character animation
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Hexagonium art creation services case study

Main Screen
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Behind the Scenes
Developed full-cycle and completely in-house, our game designers engineered Hexagonium to incorporate aspects of popular genres – RTS, 4X, and MOBAs – but recast them novelly. In order to support the heavy traffic accompanying a mobile-based MMO and avoiding a lag, our development team structured the servers to flexibly coordinate between users. To minimize loading screens and maximize gameflow, our artists pursued best practices by balancing carefully-crafted models with engrossing design.
Hexagonium game development
Hexagonium delivers the strategic vision of turn-based games, the quick-thinking tactics of RTS, and the hero dynamics of MOBAs within a free-to-play MMO format. The final product boasts gameplay that has tactical depth but is easy to learn; visuals that are light yet rich; and long replayable game arcs that give time to forge alliances and grand strategies while still allowing casual gamers to compete as their schedule allows.

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