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Blog/Game-Ace Website Receives “Honorable Mention” at Awwwards

Game-Ace Website Receives “Honorable Mention” at Awwwards

Anastasiia Bobeshko / May 3, 2017

The Game-Ace team is proud to announce that our efforts on this newly-released website have received an “Honorable Mention” from Awwwards juries.

Awwwards is a community of world’s best professionals who using transparent and severe evaluation system to recognize and reward talented, creative, and professional digital design specialists. Acknowledgments, recognitions, and awards are only given to the best websites that gained high votes from Juries, Chiefs and Pros in four categories – “design”, “usability”, “creativity” and “content.”  

The credit for the development of our website goes to Program-Ace, our parent company that has a broad scope of expertise to design and develop a website of any complexity using fundamental and latest techniques, tools, and technologies.
Apart from good scores from judges, the Game-Ace website has also received high marks from users community which automatically makes our website user-approved. Our entire team is grateful for the support and is proud to hold this recognition of our talent, creativity and development abilities.

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