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Simple Steps To Hire Unity Developers

May 31, 2020

When it comes to software releases, the skill and experience of the developers involved can have as significant an impact on the success of the apps as their content and marketing campaigns. This truth was put on full display with the many latest game releases. The game can have everything going for it – a big budget, name recognition, celebrity support, and lots of hype from fans. But if it doesn’t have a capable team of developers dedicated to quality, the game releases as a broken mess riddled with bugs and cringe-worthy character models (google the examples), to be swiftly ridiculed and rejected by fans.

We brought up this game to illustrate the dangers of hiring developers of low caliber, and to help you make smart and informed decisions when you next choose to hire Unity developers for your project. Let us take a look at the main points to keep in mind throughout your search.

How Many Unity Developers Do You Need?

It can be quite difficult to assess the total needs of Unity development in terms of the number of specialists, but reaching an initial estimate should be much simpler. You can calculate the number of people you need to get started and deliver the initial stages of a project and expand the team later as you see fit. Based on the number of experts you need, you can also opt for different models.

Single developer

When do you need a single developer?

A single developer can be most useful when working on small-scale objectives, like building a tentative prototype (MVP) and pitching your project to investors. Naturally, the person does not need to work alone and can also be brought onboard to expand a larger team.

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How to hire?

With this option, you should have no shortage of options for recruitment. You can easily look for freelancers and people in between jobs, as well as those already holding a job that might be tempted to switch if they receive a good offer. Given the large pool of specialists available, businesses looking for a single new hire can afford to be very selective and demanding.

A few developers

When do you need a few developers?

Multiple developers are well suited to full-scale projects, including games (from hyper-casual to mid-core titles), along with extending existing teams when there is a shortage of talent.

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How to hire?

Usually, these programmers will come from different backgrounds and ask for different rates and working conditions, so you will experience some discrepancies among the new hires. Furthermore, it may not be so easy to get everyone working at the same time, as some recruits may join your team later than others. One way to prevent or ameliorate the issues that we outlined is through hiring from a single service or collective.

An entire team

When do you need a team of developers?

An entire team is most appropriate for big and expensive projects that are expected to gain traction, deliver sales, etc. Furthermore, the large team will be required to support the project through its many phases, maintain a quick pace of growth, and make adjustments without significantly delaying progress.

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How to hire?

Oftentimes, businesses require different types of experts for a project (e.g. designers, QA engineers, project managers), and they go about hiring them separately. With this approach, it can take quite a while for a full team to form, with the people already hired finding it difficult to move the project along without the missing specialists. This is why it can be advantageous to hire a full team – there are no delays, and you quickly get a capable and motivated team working on your endeavor. The key struggle here will be finding another company ready to supply such a team. This brings us to our next point.

Where To Find Unity Developers?

If you go the route of hiring separate specialists, your first instinct may be to look for them on job search websites and headhunting portals. However, if you are entertaining such notions, you might want to reconsider. Firstly, because this is a very time-draining activity, which will force you to communicate with many different candidates yet often yield no good results.

Secondly, because the candidates that you end up choosing from there might prove to be irresponsible. For example, if you hire a freelance dev and ask them to perform certain tasks, and they just walk away at some point. As you never even met the person or signed a contract, there are no repercussions for the person, and significant adverse repercussions for your business.

With this in mind, a safer solution can be to find a development partner like Game-Ace. Development partners typically have a large staff of programmers and other specialists and can quickly allocate experts or whole teams to work on a new project. Such partners are available all around the world, so you can easily outsource part or all work on a project through them.

What is the Hiring Process for Unity Developers Like?

Every company puts its own spin on the hiring process, so we will just go over the process you can expect if you choose to work with Game-Ace as your partner.

  1. First contact
  2. Our companies can arrange a call or meet in person to discuss your needs and whether there are suitable opportunities for us to cooperate.

  3. Recruitment
  4. During recruitment, you specify what you want from your candidates, and we find them. They may be pulled from our existing team of developers or quickly recruited from our bountiful local market of talent. We ensure that the programmers know Unity well and have well-honed skills in this field, and you get the final say in the selection process, with the option to participate in interviews, request further background information, etc.

  5. Onboarding
  6. After selection, we will prepare the candidates for work on the project, including setting up communication channels, acquainting them with new and existing team members, and sharing relevant information about the project with them.

    Even after the experts have been put to work, you can count on our continued support, which includes managing organizational issues, arranging paperwork, and being ready to scale your team up or down based on changing needs.

Why Choose Game-Ace for Unity Development?

While there are dozens of companies out there offering Unity developers, Program-Ace is far ahead of the pack for a number of reasons:

The largest team of certified Unity developers in Eastern Europe

Our staff includes several dozen Unity developers, many of which have received official Unity certification. This large talent pool allows us to take on projects of varying scopes, such as large-scale mobile game releases.

Unparalleled experience

Knight - Stack Jump

Our studio has been developing Unity projects for over 15 years, and our portfolio has grown substantially over time. For instance, our most recent project (Knight-Stack Jump) was a hyper-casual title available on Android and iOS. Whether you are developing a native app or targeting a cross-platform release, you can count on our knowledge, dedication, and skill to deliver good work within coordinated timeframes.

Additional support

Although programmers make up the bulk of our staff, we also have dozens of other specialists on hand to join external projects. Thus, if you have any gaps in your team like QA engineers, 2D/3D artists, DevOps specialists, we will eagerly support you in filling these roles. We even have a talented team of business analysts that can help you formulate a stellar product strategy.

Competitive pricing

We pull our talent from a local market with affordable standard rates, which allows us to offer you competitive pricing that few companies in the U.S., Europe, and Oceania can match. If you operate in a country with high wages and strict labor requirements for developers, you can easily cut costs by working with us.


Game-Ace offers several models of cooperation, so you can hire individual developers, groups, or even complete teams. As we offer flexible terms, if you find that your needs change during the project, we will accommodate and make quick changes. For example, you can scale your team up at the start of a project, and down later without hiring experts full-time and keeping them on the payroll indefinitely.

Interested? Contact Us to Learn More

If you give us a chance, Game-Ace can be just the source of talented Unity developers you are looking for. We are always looking for new and unique projects to come along, so discussing possible cooperation with you will be a pleasure for us. Just contact us, and we can begin.

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