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How to Find Professional Blockchain Game Developers for Your Project

Updated: February 20, 2024

When entering the new and exciting world of blockchain game development, it’s essential to have skillful professionals by your side. Yet, finding a reliable NFT game development company is a challenging task, not to mention a separate expert. Since blockchain gaming has been hitting the ground running just recently, there aren’t so many narrow specialists with relevant expertise.

So, where can you find experienced blockchain game developers to perform your project efficiently? This article will give you different options and the analysis of each in order for you to make the right decision. In addition, you can learn more about different types of blockchain game developers to meet different purposes. Let’s get this journey started.

Where Can You Look for a Skillful Blockchain Game Developer?

Since the activity in the blockchain gaming market has grown to 2000% in Q1 2022, we can conclude that multiple new projects will busily enter this market in the near future.

So, where can game owners find skillful blockchain game developers in such booming times? As usual, there are 3 main options for hiring specialists. Yet, each of them has specific features that should be considered.

Freelance platforms

The controversial freelance market raises many questions when it comes to finding reliable specialists for your project. On the other hand, popular platforms like UpWork and Fiverr offer an enormous selection of game artists and developers from any country and the per-hour cost.

However, freelance often brings too many challenges to the table to rely on this option. In addition, such complex projects like blockchain game development take deep dive into a company’s business processes, keeping robust security for a game’s economy and staying focused on a single project.


  • flexibility in cooperation;
  • huge selection of candidates;
  • quick hiring process.


  • high security risks;
  • hidden fees;
  • possible execution of several projects at once;
  • avoiding responsibility for failures;
  • short-term solution.

Business model:

  • hourly payment;
  • fixed price.

Average rate:

  • $63/hour in the United States;
  • $54/hour in Eastern Europe.

Local job search platform

Drawing local specialists to your company is a traditional way of forming a qualified in-house team. When you work with the same employees for a long time, you can build relationships based on trust, count on your staff at any development stage, and build an efficient internal workflow.

However, you can face some limitations related to binding to a single location. For example, you lose the opportunity to save costs on salaries as some regions offer the same quality for lower prices. Moreover, forming and maintaining a top-notch team requires vast financial resources.


  • stable working environment;
  • trustful relationships;
  • high-quality project execution;
  • security assured by NDA contracts.


  • long hiring process;
  • high spending on full-time salaries, perks, and social packages;
  • challenging process of specialists replacement;
  • the risk of a key-employee leaving;
  • high spending on a team and working environment providence.

Business model:

  • full-time, monthly payment.

Average rate:

  • $95k/yr in the United States;
  • $20k/yr in Eastern Europe.

Dedicated specialists from a partner

As a golden middle between freelance and in-house employment, outsourcing companies offer staff augmentation services. The main gist of this system involves providing B2B services, so these companies hire best-in-class blockchain game developers with a thorough HR process to dedicate them to clients’ needs. In addition, outsourcing companies cover full-time salaries and social packages by themselves, so clients don’t have to.

However, it’s vital to choose carefully, as a partnership with the wrong company can bring you a less positive experience. It’s better to find out about the overall experience (not less than 7 years) and blockchain expertise (the presence of similar projects in a portfolio). Thus, you’ll be able to have the best quality of a project done for the most favorable terms.


  • paying for services only;
  • opportunity to hire specialists from any region;
  • quick access to best talents for lower prices & fast specialists replacement;
  • trustful relationships based on NDA and reputation;
  • no access to internal company processes.


  • project-based commitment only;
  • it takes time to find a reliable partner.

Business model:

  • hourly payment;
  • fixed price;
  • payment for times & materials.

Average rate:

  • $105/hr in the United States;
  • $42/hr in Eastern Europe.

blockchain game developers

Types of Blockchain Game Developers You Can Hire

The blockchain game developer is a general job description, but multiple specializations are standing behind this title.

In the case you want your project to be performed as accurately as possible, it’s better to analyze your business purposes and capabilities. Then, it would be easier to opt for the right specialists, according to your plans and requirements.

So, you are welcome to learn more about different blockchain game developer types by category.

Blockchain game developers by project type

Blockchain games can be of various kinds, with unique mechanics, gameplay, etc. Yet, eventually, there are two main types: NFT and play-to-earn blockchain games. When starting a project, it would be better to consider the difference between these two fields.

  • NFT game developers. The core gameplay of NFT games is conquering quests and participating in battles to earn/win gaming NFTs — in-game assets like avatars, weapons, props, and armor. In order to interact with such a system, it’s necessary to develop a feature allowing access and implementing personal NFT wallets.

  • Play-to-earn game developers. In this type of blockchain game, players should spend as much time in a game as possible in order to earn more gaming tokens. Later, gamers should be able to withdraw the game-branded tokens for trading. For this economy, access to crypto wallets should be implemented in a game.

Please note: A game you are developing can be of mixed types, allowing players to earn both NFTs and tokens. In this case, there are universal blockchain game developers who have experience in the implementation of different crypto economies.

Blockchain game developers by tech stack

In game development, two leading software are used for building any game, including blockchain ones — Unity and Unreal Engine. Depending on the platform and graphics type, it’s better to choose an expert in one of these two game engines.

  • Unity blockchain game developers. In order to create a blockchain game for mobile platforms, specialists usually opt for Unity. Since the primary programming language of this software is C#, it’s a perfect fit for small- to middle-scale projects which should fit smartphones and tablets. Moreover, Unity offers Android and iOS SDKs for a more smooth mobile game development.

  • Unreal Engine blockchain game developers. Game developers typically choose Unreal Engine as the main piece of software to target more complex projects. Its tools and working principles are similar to Unity, yet the capabilities are more adjusted to the creation of graphically demanding desktop games. With the use of C++, it’s possible to develop graphics of high LOD (level of detail) as well as unique features for mechanics.

Please note: The primary specialist’s focus on one of the listed specializations doesn’t exclude deep expertise in others. A qualified blockchain game developer can cover the tasks of different types, combine their skills, and refer to experience to provide a complex solution instead of simple task execution.

Choose Your Blockchain Game Developer for Hire at Game-Ace

Blockchain game development is an outstanding kind of project that takes closer attention to details and security. Since the foundation of such games is finance and enormous sums are spinning there, making the tiniest mistake by an inexperienced developer can cost billions to a company. Thus, we are offering a solution you can rely on — hiring dedicated specialists from Game-Ace.

As a professional company, Game-Ace has mastered different angles of the industry to provide top-notch game development services. We’ve created an environment that draws game developers with broad experience and deep expertise in modern technologies to our team. So, with our specialists on your board, you don’t have to do anything but get great results.

Contact us to learn more about your opportunities with Game-Ace.

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