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Game Development Outsourcing Companies that will Transform Your Project

February 8, 2023

Do you strive to take your game development project to the next level? Imagine a team of experts working tirelessly to bring your vision to life, exceeding your expectations with their creativity, skill, and dedication.

In this article, we unveil the list of top studios for you to find a game development outsourcing company that can transform your project from a mere idea to a fully-realized and polished game. From cutting-edge technologies to proficient teams, these companies have the resources and expertise to make your dream game a reality.

Game Development Market Overview

Video game market revenue


In the US alone, digital video game sales are projected to reach a segment revenue of $72.13bn by 2027. This growth is driven by the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, as well as the expansion of virtual reality and augmented reality technology. These developments have made gaming more accessible than ever before, so the market is attracting a wider audience.

One of the key trends in the game development market is the increasing use of outsourcing. Itallows game developers to tap into a global talent pool and access specialized skills and expertise that might only be available in some places. This can help them to cut costs, speed up development, and improve the quality of the final product. Game development outsourcing is also an excellent way to overcome the challenges of time zone differences and language barriers.

Overall, the game development market is dynamic, offering many opportunities for studios of all sizes. With the rise of independent developers and the increasing use of outsourcing, the market is becoming more accessible than ever. It is only expected to continue growing in the coming years.

It’s worth noting that the game development market is also very competitive, with many new studios and developers entering the market every year. To stand out and succeed, developers need to have a good understanding of the latest trends and technologies as well as a solid game development plan.

Criteria for Selecting Video Game Outsourcing Companies

When it comes to selecting a video game outsourcing company, there are several essential criteria to consider. They will help you evaluate potential partners and ensure that you choose a company that can meet your needs and deliver a high-quality game on time.

Experience. The first criterion to consider is a company’s experience in game development. Ensure a company has a proven track record of delivering high-quality games and experience working with similar projects to the one you are developing. This will help to make sure that the company is familiar with the latest trends and technologies and has the skills and expertise to deliver a polished game.

Quality of work. The quality of work a company can perform should meet your expectations and budget. Thus, explore companies’ portfolios of games showcasing their skills, and ask for references from previous clients. This will help you get a sense of the company’s level of expertise and the quality of the games they’ve developed.

Cost-effectiveness. The cost of development is an essential factor when choosing an outsourcing company. Look for a company that can offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. It will allow you to control your costs and ensure that your project is completed within budget.

Scalability. The scalability of a company is another crucial criterion. Your chosen candidate must accommodate your changing needs and easily adapt to your project’s requirements. This will help you avoid delays and additional costs, ensuring your project runs smoothly.

Communication and collaboration. Communication and cooperation are essential when working with an outsourcing company. Opt for a company with a dedicated project manager who can keep you updated on the project’s progress and resolve any issues quickly. It is also essential to choose a company willing to work closely with you to understand your requirements and ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

Top Game Development Outsourcing Companies

Game Development Outsourcing Companies

Entrepreneurs often turn to outsource to streamline game development while maintaining high-quality standards, but finding the right company can be challenging.

To assist in this process, we’ve created a list of top-performing game development outsourcing companies. These companies have established a reputation in the industry, possess the necessary skills, and have the capability to bring any game idea to fruition.

Whether you need assistance with the entire development process or specific components, these firms are equipped to meet your needs.

1. Game-Ace

Game-Ace logo

Game-Ace is an international outsourcing company founded in 2005, with extensive experience in the game development industry. It has firmly established itself as a leading company in the field that can cover every service related to clients’ projects.

The team, composed of designers, artists, producers, programmers, and managers, is dedicated to creating engaging and captivating games that leave players and users in awe. Game-Ace’s expertise lies in cross-platform game development, covering various genres, including casual and RPG, virtual reality, as well as MMOs.

Game-Ace’s specialists expertly blend artistic excellence with thrilling gameplay and effectively turn clients’ requirements and end-user demands into high-quality games through the use of cutting-edge technologies.

The Game-Ace team comprises over 120 highly skilled specialists, each well-versed in the latest game development trends.

The company offers a wide range of services, including:

  • game development outsourcing;
  • Unity/Unreal Engine game development;
  • Web3/NFT/metaverse game development;
  • AR/VR game development;
  • game testing;
  • and many more.

If you are searching for a flexible and professional game development studio, Game-Ace is a reputable choice for your project.

2. Moonmana Games

Moonmana Games logo

Moonmana is a Polish game development company with over 14 years of experience in the industry. They specialize in creating and publishing their IPs and are experts in every stage of game development as well as publishing, from pre-production to certification, release, and live-ops across all platforms.

Moonmana’s team is made up of talented and skilled individuals with unique experiences in game development. They have experience creating games for PC, console, and mobile platforms.

3. Capermint Technologies

Capermint Technologies logo

Capermint Technologies is a Canadian game development company with 7 years of experience. They provide full-cycle game development, analytics, publishing services, and support. With over 500 successful project completions, Capermint has established itself as a trusted name in app and game development.

The company’s team works with various platforms and devices yet focuses on crafting mobile applications. Capermint is composed of 125+ qualified professionals who are skilled in multiple tasks, from developing game architecture to performing game porting.

4. Virtuos Games

Virtuos Games logo

Virtuos is a content production company specializing in video game development and art creation. Founded in 2004, they have mastered high-quality game development for different platforms, including the viral blockchain ones.

With operations across Asia, North America, and Europe, Virtuos is home to over 3.5k full-time professionals on a mission to shape the future of game creation. They source art, engineering, and game design specialists, equipping them with advanced technologies.

In addition, the Virtuous teams adapt games to multiple SKUs and platforms, offering co-development support, exotic gameplay, level design, and engine optimization.

5. Cubix

Cubix logo

Cubix is a professional software and mobile app development company founded in 2008. Since then, the Cubix team has grown to over 200 in-house software engineering, design, data science, and art experts.

Specializing in 3D, AR/VR/MR, Unity, Unreal Engine, and cross-platform game development, Cubix ensures thorough testing and ongoing support for a seamless gaming experience.

6. Double Coconut

Double Coconut logo

Double Coconut is a seasoned game development agency delivering mobile and Web3 projects since 2012. With a focus on Unity and HTML5, this full-service design agency offers a wide range of services, from concept to market launch.

The company’s team of over 75 experienced game designers, tokenomics specialists, NFT developers, smart contract writers, artists, and game engineers are equipped with the knowledge and resources to bring blockchain or mobile projects to life.

7. Tractor, Set, Go

Tractor, Set, Go logo

Tractor Set Go! is a game development studio creating unique and original gaming experiences since 2013. With its headquarters in southeastern European, the company specializes in game development and has worked on a wide range of projects, from their prototypes to client-commissioned projects.

Whether it’s a PC, mobile, VR, or console game, they can create interactive apps, serious games, architectural visualizations, and simulations. The company’s services also include the creation of high-quality assets, environments, and level art, from 3D modeling and character modeling to concept art, animations, VFX, renderings, sound and music production, and level design.

8. The Knights of Unity

The Knights of Unity logo

The Knights of Unity is a professional development studio specializing in Unity software. Founded in 2015 by a group of senior Unity developers based in Wrocław, Poland, the company’s mission is to provide reliable and high-quality Unity development services to clients globally.

The company has a wide range of areas of expertise, which includes multi-platform development, porting, Google Play Instant Games and Playable Ads, creating custom shaders and plugins, virtual reality and augmented reality, rapid prototyping, code reviews, project optimization and bug fixing, Industry 4.0, backend and multiplayer development, game design, and art support.

9. ​​Ingenious Studios

​​Ingenious Studios logo

​​Ingenious Studios is a game development studio that specializes in full-cycle development. With a team of experienced game designers, artists, and developers, Ingenious Studios is passionate about creating engaging and innovative games.

Their full-cycle development services include everything from project definition and sketching to development and polishing. Ingenious Studios also offers specialized services such as in-game art, Unity development, and asset production.

10. Anshar Studios

Anshar Studios logo

Anshar Studios is a game development company founded in 2012 with a team of over 120 professionals and game enthusiasts from the video game industry.

The studio offers a complete range of services, including programming, design, art, and QA, specializing in Unreal Engine 4 & 5 and all the platforms supporting it. Additionally, the company offers remastering and remaking of existing games to a platform of choice.

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What Makes Game-Ace Stand Out

Thanks to our broad experience, at Game-Ace, we know how important it is to find not only skillful executors for your gaming project but also a partner on whom you can rely. With a team of experienced artists, Game-Ace is the perfect game development studio for bringing your game ideas to life and giving you an out-of-the-box outsourcing experience.

Whether a 2D slot game or a full-scale 3D project, Game-Ace has the skills and expertise to make it happen, let alone dedicated managers who ensure your project will be accomplished on time and within budget. Focusing on in-house talent and long-term partnerships, we are committed to delivering a polished, complete product that meets your expectations.

Contact us to get individual estimations for your company and get answers to any questions you have.

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