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Oculus Rift vs Oculus Rift S Headset Comparison

April 4, 2019

On March 20, 2019, in San Francisco, CA, Oculus announced that Oculus Rift S will be released this spring for just $399.

It’s been three years since Oculus Rift S predecessor Oculus Rift was released. The official introductory price of Oculus Rift, a virtual reality developed by Oculus VR, was also $399 while Amazon was offering it for $349 + controllers and other assets for the additional expenses.

The community of Oculus VR fans and gamers were thrilled to see what Oculus VR has got for them. Unfortunately, the community was very disappointed to see Oculus Rift S, according to the whole wave of feedback on the Internet.

Why were fans not impressed and what specs and features Oculus Rift S has been able to achieve in three months? What’s the difference between Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S?

Let’s compare the two to find out.

Oculus Rift vs Oculus Rift S Comparison

Before we jump into technical characteristics of Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S, let’s have a general understanding of what has actually been changed in the new Oculus VR device.

The most important changes include:

  • Display (refresh rate dropped, resolution increased)
  • Audio (integrated 3D audio was replaced with an integrated open-ear stereo system + 3.5 mm audio jack for your own headphones)
  • Tracking system (5 built-in camera sensors instead of 6DoF external camera tracking)
  • Lenses adjustability (Adjustable IPD 58-71mm was replaced with fixed 64mm IPD and software adjustability) which is going to be suitable for about 70% of the population only, according to comments by Palmer Luckey, Oculus Founder who left the company in 2017.
Head mounting
  • Velcro head straps
  • Lenovo Halo strap
  • Type: Pentile OLED
  • Resolution: 2160×1200
    (1080×1200 per eye)
  • Refresh rate: 90Hz
  • Field of view: 110°
  • Type: Fast-switch LCD
  • Resolution: 2560×1440 (1280×1440 per eye)
  • Refresh rate: 80Hz
  • Field of view: TBC
  • Integrated 3D audio headphones
  • Integrated open-ear, audio jack for external audio
  • 470g (1.04 lb)
  • 500g (1.1 lb)
  • First-gen Hybrid Fresnel Lenses. Adjustable 58-71mm IPD
    (interpupillary distance)
  • Second-gen hybrid Fresnel Lenses. Fixed 64mm IPD (interpupillary distance)
  • 6DOF (3-axis rotational
    tracking + 3-axis positional tracking) through USB-connected IR LED sensor
  • 6DOF inside-out tracking through 5 built-in cameras
  • HDMI 1.3, USB 3.0, USB 2.0
  • Displayport 1.2, USB 3.0
  • Xbox One game controller. Oculus Touch motion tracked controllers.
  • Oculus Touch motion tracked controllers (redesigned)
  • No longer available
  • $399

Oculus Rift fans were not impressed with the newly crafted Oculus Rift S device and are not rushing to switch to using it. However, the newcomers will no longer be able to experience Oculus Rift (purchased from official web store) because Oculus Rift S completely replaces Oculus Rift from the market.

What does it mean for Oculus Rift game developers? Is the market just gone?

Oculus Rift S Will Support Original Rift Platform Apps

The good news is that Oculus will support every existing and future game on the Rift platform which is compatible with the Oculus Rift S.

Moreover, users who purchased apps for Oculus Rift will be able to run them on Oculus Rift S and vice versa. The two devices will easily be compatible and the same game can be played among different devices. If your friend has an Oculus Rift and you have an Oculus Rift S you will be able to play the same game without any issues.

The cross-platform capabilities ensure easy Oculus Rift S game and app development opportunities because both platforms are interchangeable and compatible.

What we can do for you

Game-Ace is always up-to-date and is ready to start working on your projects. Currently, we have available Unity developers who are ready to build some games for your Oculus VR devices, including other VR headsets.

Game-Ace focuses on:

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