Oculus Rift

What Is It?
Oculus Rift uses virtual reality to put the gamer inside the experience. Compared with the other major VR devices on the market, it offers distinct advantages and lacks any notable flaws. Its graphics match HTC Vive and because it connects with a computer, it is able to maximize the additional processing power. The device itself is one of the priciest of VR options, but it backs it up by providing one of, if not the best, VR experiences on the market.
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Virtual Reality Gaming

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How Oculus Rift Worked for Urban Zombie Hunter:

  • Game-Ace developed this first-person shooter/runner hybrid full-cycle for virtual reality
  • Thanks to the platform’s capacity for high performance and graphics, the high-pace gameplay moves seamlessly and comfortably for the user
  • Because Oculus Rift supports Unity development, we were able to develop a mobile variant without significant additional costs
  • Oculus works with developers to allow the easy deployment of games, like Urban Zombie Hunter, onto their website

Why Develop an Oculus Rift Game?

Boasts a 2160x1200 OLED display
with a 90HZ refresh rate and 110-degree field of vision
The light-weight (470g), ergonomic model keeps
users comfortable and immersed in the experience
Oculus Touch controllers allow the user to intuitively interact with
the virtual environment and offer users clearer hand articulation
than major competitors
3D spatial audio headphones helps users to realistically
and intuitively orient themselves within the 360° space
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