Mixed Reality Game Development

What Is It?
As one of the most prominent European pioneers of mixed reality movement, Game-Ace develops fully-featured cutting edge applications for Microsoft HoloLens. Our holographic solutions provide an accurate representation of real objects' proportion and form and emphasize the prominent features of HoloLens such as voice control, gaze, and gesture recognition. Besides game development services, the Game-Ace team offers porting services of any existing application to the holographic environment.
Why Do I Need It?
  • To enter a new prominent market of holographic apps
  • To collaborate with experienced developers who build a bridge between physical and virtual worlds
  • To achieve market supremacy
  • To engage new technologically-advanced players in the game
  • To focus on marketing activities
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The Game-Ace Team Will Get You Covered With:

HoloLens game
envision and design

Conceptual prototyping
of mixed reality solutions

Development of interactive
and engaging MR games

Extensive testing
of mixed reality games

Develop a mixed reality
version of your game
by porting it to Hololens

How Mixed Reality Development Worked for Archy the Rabbit:

  • Successful penetration of the growing market of holographic games
  • The game has been featured by the Microsoft Store
  • Archy the Rabbit became the favorite entertainment and a friend of children from 2 to 11
  • The game also became one of the first game ported for Microsoft HoloLens and exemplified a smooth transition from augmented reality to mixed reality
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With Mixed Reality Game Development I Win:

Efficient usage of MR & HoloLens
game's time to market
Significant reduction
of the development costs
High player retention rate
for mixed environments
Viral MR & HoloLens games
that will make you popular
Microsoft hololens Cinoptics
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